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Abstract Perhaps logistic offering companies have a place in the global market. United Parcel Inc provides logistical support services all over the world. Its headquarters in the United States of America makes it a leading logistic service company. This paper concentrates on the economic environments of United Parcel service Inc. it considers the domestic as[…]

Are you scared of losing your job? 22 million Americans lost their jobs due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns in 2020, and many still remain at risk of long-term unemployment and a lack of economic opportunity. Even before the pandemic, systemic issues linked to globalization, such as the offshoring and[…]

People’s choices on safety involve various estimates that determine ‘people’s willingness to do all they can to reduce the probability of dying. People will trade off wealth in exchange for their lives. However, they often consider estimates such as environmental issues, medical interventions and public safety in travel (Andersson & Treich, 2011). The scenario in[…]

Summary This press release aims to apply the fundamental macroeconomic concepts and theory studied in addition to analyzing macroeconomic data to make an informed opinion on the future measures of the Bank of England Monetary Policy. First, the press release will investigate readings associated with macroeconomics. Second, it will research actual data on economic pointers[…]

The Biden fiscal rescue package proposed a relief package of $1.9 trillion to cushion the economy from the adverse effects of the pandemic and ensure economic growth is sustained at a rate of about 8% during the period. The aim was to ensure that the country could cope with the effects of the pandemic since[…]

Theoretically, international relation is a function of both international law and diplomacy. In fact, some studies propound on these topics as branches of international relations. A more detailed analysis will show that international law coexists and relate in their contexts with diplomacy. One such coexistence is derived from Traisbach’s (2017) discussion, which identifies subgroups of[…]

The first two decades have been in the making for the grand development of modern time. The evolution of modern China has been on the rise, especially from an economic perspective and marketing structure. The demand for Chinese currency has been on the radar for economic graphs due to their economic development and sustainability. Chinese[…]

The economic performance of China has been awe-inspiring over the last four decades. Approximately half a billion people were lifted from the poverty level with 10% average GDP growth. China is the second-largest economy globally, and it is the largest manufacturer and exporter of goods in the world. Even if China maintains a moderate growth[…]

The contemporary world is heading to an economic crisis following the colossal impact the coronavirus pandemic has brought up. More and more cases are being discovered daily, and governments continue to issue lockdown directives. This implies that fewer people are working, which puts the economy at stake. In many countries, civil servants have been directed[…]

What are the implications of the EU trading bloc for international business? The European Union (EU) is one of the world’s biggest trade blocs and one of the world’s largest economies after the United States (Bollen, De Ville & Orbie, 2016). The EU has enabled regional economic integration for most European nations. More importantly, it[…]

The US-China trade war has taken a different direction as there seems to be no agreement anytime soon. The ban on some Chinese products in the international market has elicited mixed reactions in the global economy. The Chinese economy has leapfrogged from a low-income to middle-class state, given its vibrancy in the manufacturing and processing[…]

Capital is the ‘lifeblood’ of any economy. According to (De Soto 5), the American economy is thriving because they have been able to harness the power of capital. Boosting the productivity of their workforce helps sustain wealth creation. Apart from ‘what is capital?’, this article looks at how to build it, and how to make[…]

Abstract The industrial revolution has been a contextual issue in the academic field, notably in history and science. This paper discusses and explains Britain as the original country of the industrial revolution and the impacts that the revolution has on the humankind and their environment. Among the effects analyzed in the paper are, increase in[…]

The European nation with biggest prospects for development than any other is Switzerland according to multiple researchers (Charles, 2020). In Europe, Switzerland’s economy is the most efficient owing to political stability, investments and access to international markets given that the country maintains armed impartiality in world affairs. In Europe, among the highest living standards, industrial[…]

Fiscal policy is a governmental technique for the adjustment of the levels of expenditure and tax rates for monitoring and influencing of national economy. It is mostly integrated with monetary policy, enabling the central bank to influence a nation’s money supply. The fiscal policy entails the usage of government spending and policies imposed on taxes[…]

Following the said discovery of the new world by European explorer Christopher Columbus, European powers at the time were quick to rush and establish colonies. They aimed at controlling trade in the Americas and settling of their surplus population. With the industrial revolution taking shape in Europe, the colonialists were in search of raw materials[…]

Immediately after a natural disaster such as a hurricane, there is an increase in the demand for some goods. For example, if many people are trying to leave a particular area, the demand for fuel will go up. With the increase in demand for fuel, the sellers will increase the prices of the fuel. On[…]

Introduction The world is increasingly becoming a global village where interaction is being enhanced through technological advancement. The impact of technology has been felt in every aspect of life as these advancements have affected how day to day activities are lived out. One of the aspects in which the impact of technology and other societal[…]

Public-Private Partnerships Introduction Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are contractual means that are aimed at delivering assets and services to the public. Arrangements, where a private contractor supplies the public with infrastructure assets and services meant to be provided by the government, represent a simple form of a PPP contract. In most cases, PPP contracts emphasize on[…]

Introduction Sustainable development is progress that is aimed at meeting the needs of the present without compromising the position of the future generations to achieve their needs. There are three major pillars of sustainable development, including the environment, economy, and social obligations that are shared communally. There is a need to examine the concept of[…]

Brief Introduction According to the research, there is extravagation of produced food not only locally but also internationally. Basing qualitative analyses review, the impact of producing wasted food is likely to be substantial in the most countries depending the producing power of the country. In most cases, compressive management of food wastage involves strategies that[…]

Of the four billion species estimated to have evolved over the past 3.5 billion years, 99% of them are gone. (Barnosky et. al, 51). Extinction, therefore, is not at all uncommon. Natural selection drives some creatures to thrive and others to die off, but this is almost always balanced by the evolution of new species[…]

Introduction Infections to the respiratory tract and common cold are among illnesses caused by the large family of viruses called the Coronavirus (CoV). Death, dire respiratory issues and pneumonia are elicited when the infections are of a severe nature (Ludovic et al., 2020). There was some ignorance and overlooking directed at these viruses before the[…]

Studies have shown that COVID-19 has continued affecting different people in different ways. Individuals who get infected experience mild to moderate sickness and recovery, even without being hospitalized. The disease was first reported in 2019 being a contagious respiratory infection caused by a coronavirus. After a close study of the virus, scientists conclude that it[…]

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