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I am an award-winning essay writer with a First Class Honour’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a UK University. Having successfully completed a sponsored research placement, I have now been offered a fully funded PhD.

As a ghostwriter, I have co-authored a book that is now available on the kindle market. I have earned five-star feedback for writing technical reviews, pitching complex information at the non-expert audience. I have completed ‘Design and Implementation of an AM radio’, and have recently been asked to proofread a national publication.

In the field of writing, I have thus far enjoyed high merit. I have always been successful in sustaining the reader’s interest as I compose well-researched, well-structured and well-argued pieces. I use logical progression of ideas and develop the key point(s) in every sentence. I pay exceptional attention to grammar and maintain a consistent tone. I make use of a diverse vocabulary and I deem it essential to meet the client’s deadline. I only cite credible information, and do not plagiarise.

As a member of IEEE, I have access to the scientific publications. Furthermore, as an alumnus, I have access to a range of business reports often inaccessible in the academic environment.

Software Modeling and Simulation Packages: MATLAB, Simulink, MPLAB, Multisim, Altium, Coocox, Proteus, PCB Layout, Xilinx ISE

An Industry Analysis: Wave Power Technology

Executive Summary 

Wave energy is renewable energy that generates electricity from the wind blown by the rise and fall of waves. The UK has tremendous resources and the technology is developing rapidly. The University Research Group has developed a new type of turbine that generates electricity using wave power technology and is considering starting a business in the UK.

This industry report discusses the current size of the UK market for wave power technology along with the key competitors and highlights the future trends. It identifies the key trends in the market that are likely to affect the business in the next three years. These include: the impact of government policies, technology developments, the economic situation and environmental effects. The report outlines the available opportunities and the associated threats and concludes with concrete recommendations.

Some of the key findings are as follows:

  • The government is promising to be ‘the greenest government ever’ and ‘to deliver support for the marine energy’.
  • The government is strongly backing wave energy by providing financial support, giving consent, leasing sites and setting up internationally recognised test centres.
  • Wave power technology is unsaturated and there is  healthy room for innovative technology that addresses the cost problems.
  • Wave energy is well positioned to contribute to addressing unemployment in the UK.
  • With zero carbon emission, this predictable source of energy is a promising candidate for decarbonising the power supply.
  • Wave power technology has an edge in transferring skills from the offshore oil and gas production and wind farms.
  • The dwindling economy of the UK could pose an inevitable threat.

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