Christopher Darkin

About me:

I am an award-winning essay writer with a First Class Honour’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a UK University. Having successfully completed a sponsored research placement, I have now been offered a fully funded PhD.

As a ghostwriter, I have co-authored a book that is now available on the kindle market. I have earned five-star feedback for writing technical reviews, pitching complex information at the non-expert audience. I have completed ‘Design and Implementation of an AM radio’, and have recently been asked to proofread a national publication.

In the field of writing, I have thus far enjoyed high merit. I have always been successful in sustaining the reader’s interest as I compose well-researched, well-structured and well-argued pieces. I use logical progression of ideas and develop the key point(s) in every sentence. I pay exceptional attention to grammar and maintain a consistent tone. I make use of a diverse vocabulary and I deem it essential to meet the client’s deadline. I only cite credible information, and do not plagiarise.

As a member of IEEE, I have access to the scientific publications. Furthermore, as an alumnus, I have access to a range of business reports often inaccessible in the academic environment.

Software Modeling and Simulation Packages: MATLAB, Simulink, MPLAB, Multisim, Altium, Coocox, Proteus, PCB Layout, Xilinx ISE


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An Industry Analysis: Wave Power Technology

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