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  Daniel Lewis

Aeronautical Engineering, Astrophysics, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Construction, Design, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Business Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Health & Safety Management, Management, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mechanical-Engineering, Mechanics, Operations Management, Physics, Product design, Project Management, Research Methods, Sciences, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Decision Making Processes Research and Analysis"

Multi-skilled Aerospace Engineering graduate having excellent technical writing skills and able to prioritise tasks and take initiative in both individual and group projects. I successfully researched and designed an unmanned aerial vehicle “Drone” and its associated camera/video technology. This was supported by my thesis on propeller functionality and the improvement of aircraft design for enhanced functionality. I have the ability to solve complex problems through innovative thinking and ...

  William Jennings

Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Materials Science, Physical Sciences, Physics

Sample Paper - "The Limitations of Transistor Scaling"

I am a scientific writer with a wealth of knowledge in the physical sciences and engineering. I have just completed my doctorate in physics at a leading London university. I have spent the last decade in academia, completing a master’s degree in chemistry before moving on to study physics and materials science as a postgraduate. I have spent the last few years running large scale computational simulations of materials, and have written and published several original research papers along with ...

  Cindy Warren

Aeronautical Engineering, Chemistry, Crisis Management, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Business Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Health & Safety Management, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Risk Management, Sciences, Statistics, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Sustainable Energy

Sample Paper - "Cindy Warren - Ivory Research Profile"

I have a Master’s degree in ‘Engineering Projects & Systems Management’ with a distinction. I have secured ‘A’ grade in all assignments and projects that I have done to obtain my undergraduate as well as postgraduate degrees. I have involved myself in major projects for manufacturing companies during my Master’s programme. They aimed at eliminating waste such as re-work, overproduction, inappropriate processing, waste due to defects and motion, needless transportation, excess inv ...

  John Edmunds

Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical-Engineering, Physics

Sample Paper - "Longitudinal waves and the mass-spring system"

I have been a researcher in the physics and engineering fields but am now looking for a new challenge in writing and publishing. I have a degree in physics and a PhD in mechanical engineering, and took a post-doctoral role in physics following my PhD. As such, I have a wealth of specialist knowledge, coupled with much experience of authoring and publishing academic literature. My areas of particular expertise include mechanics, differential equations, circuit theory and functions of a complex va ...

  Edward Grant

Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Information Systems, Management, Project Management, Risk Management

Sample Paper - "Developing Effective Graphic Communications"

I have successfully completed a Master of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a top university in the United Kingdom, graduating with a Distinction (First Class Honours equivalent). I am soon to be a full-time doctoral researcher at a reputable university in the United Kingdom with a focus on software development for the automation and optimisation of RF and EM engineering designs. As an astute researcher, I have worked with teams and individuals in the following areas: ...

  Alexander Harrow

Computer Engineering, Computing, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics, Sciences

Sample Paper - "To address the issue of mobility at IP layer, IETF has proposed Mobile IPv4 and Mobile IPv6."

I hold an M.Sc in Mobile and Personal Communications from King’s College London and am currently studying towards a Ph.D in Telecommunication Engineering. I have published several papers in peer reviewed IEEE conferences and journals. I have also supervised a number of bachelors and masters level research projects. I have professional experience of working with different mobile operators and hold a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. Programming Languages and Engineering Softwa ...

  Jack Reeds

Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, I.T., Information Systems

Sample Paper - "A review of a Sybil attack in wireless sensor networks"

I have an MSc in telecommunications and networks and am a full-time researcher investigating multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication systems. Other than the traditional fast Fourier transform, I investigate OFDM systems using wavelet transforms. I teach computer modelling, transmission principles and engineering computations at the university and I am competent in using the MATLAB simulation tool to do system modelling. During my leis ...

  Christopher Darkin

Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, Mathematics

Sample Paper - "An Industry Analysis: Wave Power Technology"

I am an award-winning essay writer with a First Class Honour’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from a UK University. Having successfully completed a sponsored research placement, I have now been offered a fully funded PhD. As a ghostwriter, I have co-authored a book that is now available on the kindle market. I have earned five-star feedback for writing technical reviews, pitching complex information at the non-expert audience. I have completed ‘Design and Implementation of an AM ...

  James Cope

Computer Engineering, Computing, Electrical Engineering, I.T.

Sample Paper - "Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology"

I am a full-time PhD student, reading for a degree in computer science and information systems. I am a member of a research group and am currently working on a project from the FP7 programme. My master’s degree, which was awarded by a university in the UK, had as its core modules networking and data communications. Before continuing my education, I spent several months working in the industry in areas closely related to my field of studies. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Abstract Vo ...


Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, I.T., Information Systems, Software Engineering

Sample Paper - "Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Design Rules"

I am a PhD final year student in Communication Systems with a good score of publications. I have seven years’ teaching experience with Masters in Communication systems and a Masters in Computer Sciences. This gives me a unique combination of cross-discipline subject areas. I have also five years’ industrial experience that provided me with good managerial abilities. Through my intensive research work, hands-on work experience, and prolonged personal interest I have demonstrated consi ...

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