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Introduction This exposition will examine three energy sources as coal, hydroelectric force and inexhaustible sun oriented energy, as for the effect on the climate and biological systems, protection techniques, energy use, natural strategies identified with contamination counteraction, energy choices for industry, and force organization drives identified with supportability. The energy sources in this exposition will[…]

Abstract The following research study has focused on the development of sustainable energy and its current situation in India. At the same time, it has also been critically assessed the Indian policy to make it better in future while determining all the gaps. However, it has been found that renewable energy has become a critical[…]

Everyone needs light to lead an everyday life, including animals, insects, and plants; even the latest technology needs a source of light for its efficient operation (Garg & Prakash, 2000). According to (Perlin, 2002), even a human eye needs light for its proper function. The natural form of light is sunlight, and this sunlight can[…]

Memory Scaling The current boom in smartphones and tablet computers is creating ever more demand for smaller, low power microelectronics. Particularly important are the latest generations of processors and memory storage devices. The requirements of these new technologies are extremely difficult: they must be fast and efficient, yet more powerful and store more data, whilst[…]

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