Andy Smith

About me:

I am a Ph.D. researcher in the field of vibration engineering at the University of Sheffield where I did my M.Sc. in Civil Engineering. I have worked for four years at various consultancy and construction companies where I have been the head of a structural and dynamic design team and a construction manager, taking part in many infrastructural projects. At the same time, I have been engaged in academic activities, both as a lecturer and as a researcher in the fields of vibration engineering, earthquake control, construction, management and innovative structural design. Results of my work have been published in several journals and conference papers.

I am also doing my honour’s degree in Economic Development through UNISA and will transfer to Ph.D. research in the next few months. I am very interested in the way the world system of economics functions, the development activities undertaken in several parts of the world and the cultural responses to these at the micro level. I am also interested in the way management systems work in developed countries and how business functions – ethically or otherwise – at the macro level.



Direct Velocity, Direct and Compensated Acceleration Feedback Control Systems in Mitigation of Low-frequency floor Vibrations

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