I have been a researcher in the physics and engineering fields but am now looking for a new challenge in writing and publishing. I have a degree in physics and a PhD in mechanical engineering, and took a post-doctoral role in physics following my PhD. As such, I have a wealth of specialist knowledge, coupled with much experience of authoring and publishing academic literature. My areas of particular expertise include mechanics, differential equations, circuit theory and functions of a complex variable, but I am more than able to research other matters when necessary.

Longitudinal waves and the mass-spring system


The mass-spring system is a simple but powerful model that provides insight into waves and their propagation. In particular, the equations describing the system can be simplified using elementary techniques and, in the appropriate limit, the wave equation can be found. Following identification of the wave equation, the form that waves can take is discussed.

This chapter presents the model in three sections. First, the case of two masses is analysed. Second, the case of arbitrarily-many masses is given attention. Finally, the case of infinitely-many masses, resulting in the wave equation, is studied. As everything is built up from first principles, there are few citations

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