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  Daniel Lewis

Aeronautical Engineering, Astrophysics, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Construction, Design, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Business Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Health & Safety Management, Management, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Mathematics, Mechanical-Engineering, Mechanics, Operations Management, Physics, Product design, Project Management, Research Methods, Sciences, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Decision Making Processes Research and Analysis"

Multi-skilled Aerospace Engineering graduate having excellent technical writing skills and able to prioritise tasks and take initiative in both individual and group projects. I successfully researched and designed an unmanned aerial vehicle “Drone” and its associated camera/video technology. This was supported by my thesis on propeller functionality and the improvement of aircraft design for enhanced functionality. I have the ability to solve complex problems through innovative thinking and ...

  William Jennings

Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, Materials Science, Physical Sciences, Physics

Sample Paper - "The Limitations of Transistor Scaling"

I am a scientific writer with a wealth of knowledge in the physical sciences and engineering. I have just completed my doctorate in physics at a leading London university. I have spent the last decade in academia, completing a master’s degree in chemistry before moving on to study physics and materials science as a postgraduate. I have spent the last few years running large scale computational simulations of materials, and have written and published several original research papers along with ...

  Charles Tipton

Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Environmental Science, Epidemiology, Geophysics, Health, Health & Safety Management, Medicine, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Physics, Public Health, Research Methods

Sample Paper - "Drug-Resistant Pathogenic Bacteria"

Charles is a graduate physicist with an MSc in Medical Physics. He is currently working as a professional writer with an extensive experience in writing articles related to science, healthcare, and psychology. The nature of his profession allows him to combine the profound research experience and knowledge that he has previously accumulated throughout his PhD studies in Biophysics, with writing; and writing is for him more of a passion than work. Drug-Resistant Pathogenic Bacteria Abstract Bacte ...

  John Edmunds

Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Mechanical-Engineering, Physics

Sample Paper - "Longitudinal waves and the mass-spring system"

I have been a researcher in the physics and engineering fields but am now looking for a new challenge in writing and publishing. I have a degree in physics and a PhD in mechanical engineering, and took a post-doctoral role in physics following my PhD. As such, I have a wealth of specialist knowledge, coupled with much experience of authoring and publishing academic literature. My areas of particular expertise include mechanics, differential equations, circuit theory and functions of a complex va ...

  Ana Sal

Astrophysics, Mathematics, Physics

Sample Paper - "Cathodoluminescence and Nanodiamonds"

I have recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Physics and Astrophysics, with first class honours. Over the course of the last two years, I have accrued extensive research experience at a number of universities and I am currently preparing my first paper for publication. At the moment I am taking some time out from official academic work to travel and work before, hopefully, pursuing a PhD sometime in late 2015. I enjoy researching and writing very much and I won several awards during my ...

  Rick Lime

Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Materials Science, Physical Sciences, Physics

Sample Paper - "Iodine in the Air: origin, transformation & exchange to mammals"

I am currently a freelance writer of both academic and non-academic work. I gained a master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Bath. My degree took in an industrial placement year in Switzerland in the analytical division of a major pharmaceutical company. I then carried out postgraduate work on the formation processes and properties of atmospheric aerosol, gaining my PhD in 2007. I have recently finished postdoctoral research during which time I had published 15 peer-reviewed papers ...

  Kevin Smith

Business, Electronic-Engineering, Events Management, HRM, Information Systems, Management, Mathematics, Operations Management, Physics, Product design, Project Management, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "Project management of an E-commerce system"

I have completed my Post-graduation in Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology and also hold a Bachelor Degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, both of which I passed with First Class Honours. My Masters modules consisted of Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Strategic Management and Networking, among others. I currently work in the operational management department at Bristol laboratories. Tutoring has always been my passion. It lets me hel ...

  Michael Holding

Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Design, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Manufacturing, Mathematics, Mechanical-Engineering, Mechanics, Physics

Sample Paper - "Rheological properties of concentrated polystyrene suspensions."

I completed my Mechanical Engineering degree in July 2009 and obtained successful work experience with Johnson Matthey (JM). My current involvement in a university has given me the certainty that I want to pursue a career in the Science and Engineering fields. As I proceed, I hope to gain the skills required to become a Professional Engineer with strong presentation and writing skills. During my work experience, I developed expertise in the following: Supporting engineering services; Maintai ...

  Miles Cavendish

Environmental Studies, Health, Medicine, Nursing, Physics, Sciences

Sample Paper - "Nanotechnology in Dentistry: An Update"

My initial degree is in Physics and I have worked subsequently in Physics applied to Medical Technology and have an M.Phil by research in this topic and more recently a Ph.D. in risk simulation in the clinical environment. I have also an interest in Renewable Energy – in particular wind, solar and marine energy conversion systems. I am active also in Optical radiation safety in the clinical environment for light sources including laser systems, intense pulsed light sources and solar radiat ...

  Jonathan Martin

Computing, E-Commerce, I.T., Information Systems, Mathematics, Physics, Sciences

Sample Paper - "Investigation into controlling access to personal location data."

I am currently running my own web design agency plus undertaking some lecturing on HE courses. Most of my working time is taken up developing dynamic php/mysql driven websites for SMEs plus arranging associated hosting and search-engine optimisation packages. There are also the more general business duties of winning more customers, dealing with clients’ enquiries and the financial side of the business. My lecturing role centres on delivering maths and science modules with occasional forays in ...

Excellent communication and friendly service. I have been struggling with my dissertation and wish I had discovered you sooner. Your help and support really helped. Thank you so much, I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you so much for working so hard on my paper – I managed to achieve 1st standard!