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Introduction Water is an essential component of life. To exist, organisms require a liquid channel for transportation of vital molecules within their bodies. That liquid medium is water. This paper examines the unique physical and chemical properties of water and their contribution to the sustenance of life on earth. Surface Tension Surface tension is the[…]

Cathodoluminescence is a phenomenon in which electrons collide with a luminescent surface, causing photons to be emitted from the surface. This process can create light in the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Cathodoluminescence is often seen as the inverse process to the photoelectric effect in which photons, impacting on a surface, release electrons. Cathodoluminescence[…]

The energy stored in antimatter is liberated by annihilation with matter; the mass equivalent of energy is usually released in the form of other particles and radiation – generally gamma rays. Three main antimatter particles would be used for fuel, if a substantial amount could be created; these are positrons, antiprotons and antihydrogen –antihydrogen must[…]

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