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Published: 2021/12/06
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In this report a start-up tech company named ABC Pty Ltd which is based in Adelaide Australia, wants to develop an online delivery system named the “Service Please”. This system is getting developed for providing facilitation to the customers, service providers, and supermarkets for the delivery of groceries to residents of the customer.

This report includes the Stakeholder Engagement plan which will include the stakeholder’s list, the definition of the power and interest and matrix and grid, stakeholder’s power and interest, and each stakeholder’s justification. This also includes the Elicitation activity plan explanation, sample questionnaire and stakeholder engagement for particular elicitation activity has been included

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

A stakeholder engagement plan can help the organization pro-actively considering the desires and needs of anyone, who does have a stake in the organization, which does foster the trust, connections, buy-in for the key initiative of the organization (Smith, 2017).

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Stakeholder list with the process of the identification

Having the list of stakeholders can help the organization in dividing work into different stakeholders according to their capabilities (Walker, et al., 2020).

Different stakeholders for ABC Pty Ltd are

1) Website Designer- A web designer helps the organization in creating an attractive website that is visible to the customers, He is considered responsible for the design creation, and developing the website layout.

2) Website Developer- all the backend work which is related to the website and the mobile application will be done by the website developer of the “ServicePlease” system.

3) Customers- The customer of a company is considered as the most important stakeholder of the company because they are the one by which it can be decided that system is running well or can lead to growth or not.

Suppliers- Suppliers will help in fulfilling the requirements of the company and indirectly of the customers.

4) Business analyst- Business analyst is considered having the look in all matters of website and mobile app development of the “ServicePlease” system.

5) Investors- Investor is considered putting the money in the “ServicePlease” system for getting the financial return (Smith, 2017).

Power Interest Grid and Matrix

Power Interest Grid which can also be called a Power Interest Matrix can be considered as the simple tool which can help in categorizing the stakeholders of the project having the increased interest and power in the project. This tool can help in focusing on key stakeholders so that project can be broken into different parts (Aakhus & Bzdak, 2015).

In the above diagram, it has been shown that as much as the Level of the Power is high then it is considered having the Level of the Interest to be high. If the Level of Power is high then the organization is being satisfied, and it has to be monitored, being informed, and has to be managed closely (Walker, et al., 2020).

Power and Interest of the stakeholders which has to be mapped on the P/I Grid

Justification of power and interest of each stakeholder

1) Customers- As they are considered providing the feedback to company which is considered valuable for the company, and they can also help in achieving the growth of the company. According to the mapping of stakeholders on the grid, it can be seen that they have high power as well as a high interest in the company.

2) Employees- Efficient services will be provided to the customer so that their expectations can be met. So from the power and grid matrix, it can be seen that they have medium power in the company and low interest in the company

3) Web Designer- He will be responsible for designing the website and mobile interface to be attractive. So from the power and grid matrix, it can be seen that they have medium power and interest in the company (Dash & Patra, 2019).

4) Web Developer- The responsibility of the Web developer which has been considered is developing the efficient website and the application of the “ServicePlease” system. So it can be seen that they have the high power and interest in the company

5) Investors- Investment will be done by the investors so that they can get an effective financial return to get profit. So it can be seen from the grid matrix that they have high power and interest in the company.

Elicitation Activity Plan

Elicitation activity plan can be considered as the requirements collection process of the system and these requirements have to be collected from the customers, users, and stakeholders by the form of the meeting conduction, questionnaires, interviews, and brainstorming sessions (Yamamoto, 2016).

Four Elicitation methods which have been chosen are

1) Interview

2) Analysis of the Stakeholder

3) Brainstorming

4) Observation

1) Interviews

This is considered as the method of qualitative research which do involves the asking of the questions which is considered relating to the open-ended and have been conversed by the respondents and also elicits information that has been collected regarding the subject. In this interview conduction, ABC Pty Ltd elicits data will be collected.

Interview’s Examples

For this process, employees have to be selected and this process will get surveyed by this. In this questionnaire following questions is going to be asked is that

1) Do you have any information and knowledge about the subject?

2) What experience and skills do you have?

3) Tell me your Strengths and Weaknesses?

4) What if you get the night shift, Is that will be okay for you?

Employees have been selected by the business analyst of the company. By conducting the interview session qualities and abilities will be able to be found. It can also be found that which particular capabilities the employees have (Greyson, 2013).

2) Analysis of the Stakeholder

This is considered as collecting and analyzing the knowledge and qualitative information so that it can be determined that interest of who has to be taken for executing and establishing the website and application.

Stakeholder Analysis Examples

1) Tell me your role in the project?

2) What is the thing which does worry about the project?

For the analysis of the stakeholder, customers have to be selected, because they can help in providing the feedback of the product and services of the company and for the employees also. With the help of the customer growth of the company is also decidable.

3) Brainstorming

This is considered as the technique which can create the suggestions and also information sharing so that commercial and technical issues can be solved which has been faced by the organization. It is considered as a group and activity in which applicants can share their suggestions and views.

Brainstorming Examples

The questionnaire which is to be asked during brainstorming is

1) How employees are going to the deliver project to the customer?

2) Explain the hazards and challenges in your specified duties?

3) Provide any suggestions and views regarding the website and mobile app development that is getting implemented in the company?

For this particular elicitation activity employees has to be included because they have the capability for providing the ideas and suggestions efficiently. So by this profit of the organization can be increased (Greyson, 2013).

4) Observation

The observation technique can be considered as noticing and observing the behavior which can be scored. Various approaches which are considered of this includes amount observations, participant observation, case studies, and archival researches.

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Examples of Observation

Investors will get selected for this technique. Questions which is to be asked are

1) Shares which has been invested by you?

2) What benefit do you have in the company?

The investors have been chosen for this activity because they can recognize the profit and loss of the organization. They have been considered as the main part of the organization because shares get invested by them. It can provide benefits for the company (Yamamoto, 2016).


In this report, this has been concluded that a start-up tech company named ABC Pty Ltd which is based in Adelaide Australia, wants to develop the online delivery system named the “Service Please”. This system is getting developed for providing facilitation to the customers, service providers, and supermarkets for the delivery of groceries to residents of the customer. So for these Stakeholder engagement plans which do include the stakeholders, roles and responsibilities of them, interest and power of them. Elicitation activity plan has been also included having the examples and the reason for choosing that particular stakeholder with the elicitation activity has been concluded.


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