Essay on Allied Health Community Media Scenario

Published: 2021/11/03
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Patient education is critical to everyone, and therefore it has to be administered effectively to the patient for better understanding. The language barrier is one of the hindrances of effective communication between people. Therefore, it becomes more difficult in the hospital scenario since doctor-to-patient conversation requires effectiveness and understanding between the two parties. If there are difficulties in understanding each other, other ways of communication may adopt. These ways include:

  • Written communication involves exchanging information from one person to the other in terms of words and numbers. In this case, you need to administer the information to the patient through writing, where he will also respond in writing. For writing communication to be more effective, different steps need to be taken, including finding a clear place to write so the patient can understand; very straight information is required. There is of great importance to prevent irony and sarcasm in the information you are writing. Also, avoid mistakes that can cause different understandings.
  • Also, you can use an interpreter who understands both the language the patient and the doctor are talking. In this way, the middle person interprets what each individual is telling the other. This ensures compelling talk between the patient and the doctor, and both parties have well understood the information.
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By each of the ways that you may adopt to use while communicating, it may turn out that the patient has not fully understood the information, which means that the communication has not been administered effectively to the patient. Assurance of understanding to the patients is essential since it makes the patient take care of himself as prescribed and keep away mistakes in the patients’ stay at the hospital. As a clinical doctor, you are the last person who should ensure the patients understand the medication regimes regarding the medication prescriptions and the medicines to use. Lack of proper observation of the patients if they understand the regimes may be a massive problem in the future since other health complications may arise from the negligence, even costing the patients life. Since the patient can be seen, he is very eager to move out of the hospital; asking him if he understands the descriptions of the medications may every for him to say yes even if he doesn’t understand.

For this reason, like the doctor, you have to test the patient by politely asking them to repeat the key points you have gone through. This can be through asking the patient how he would take another person through the medications, which shows the patient’s understanding level. Even though different tests are required to assess the patient’s understanding, it is usually essential to consider their age. As people go through the lifecycle, their understanding, reading capabilities, eye sights changes, and their different age groups require different assessment methods. For example, for older adults reading and comprehending different things may become very difficult for and therefore, more accessible methods of assessments are required.

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From how the clinical staff conducts themselves to the patients determines how the patients see them. The patient care task is one of the most tasks since you usually deal with people suffering from different problems. The patient mike was taking care of was suffering from a rib injury caused by a spill inside the hospital. From such a scenario, the hospital and the clinal staff are to be blamed for the patient’s injuries, and therefore, proper care of the patient and improved standards are necessary. Unnecessary handling of the patient may negatively affect the patient care as well as the patient himself. The care may not be effectively administered, and this would create a dire picture for the company. However, the use of polite words towards the patient and keenly listening to the patient’s needs answering questions may be an essential aspect to the patient, and he would feel better. Also, mending the problem causing the injuries to the patient should be mended immediately to ensure there is no occurrence of such again.

Some of the decisions the staff member undertook showed that they were not in line with the patient’s education policy. This is demonstrated by how he moves out of the lobby without wiping off the spill, which later brought the patient. Hospitals and clinical institutions should be safe places for everyone attending there, especially the patients; therefore, walking off without wiping the spill was not the clinical staff’s correct decision.


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