Robert Wise

About me:

There’s no doubt about it: I’m an academic chameleon. I am just as comfortable writing MA dissertations for health studies or psychology as I am compiling a PhD proposal in international relations. I am comfortable writing undergraduate essays on English literature, politics, philosophy, history, sociology or film studies; proofreading biology briefs; editing sociology dissertations…or creating a business and marketing presentation. The list goes on and on. In other words,  whatever you’ve got, I’ve seen it before. If I bid on your project, it’s because I am confident that I can do it well. I pride myself on the speed and quality of my work and have an extremely short turn-around time. I have taught in a professorial capacity at universities in both the US and the UK.

Professor, lecturer, private tutor, workshop facilitator, ghostwriter, published author, translator.

I have written and published three academic books in the field of history, politics and international relations, as well as had numerous peer-reviewed articles on a variety of topics accepted in recognised journals.

All of my degrees are from universities that rate in the top one per cent worldwide.


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Aristotle’s Politics and conflict resolution in the case of the civil war in the Ukraine

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