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About me:

I have a master’s degree in sociology and an undergraduate degree in the same subject. I have been a full-time academic writer for over a decade now, and before that have been widely published in various newspapers, magazines, and blogs all over the world, covering a wide range of subjects; and I have also written a series of ESL textbooks. My current areas of expertise and interest include a vast spectrum of social phenomena, such as analyses of poverty, politics, international relations, crime, culture, inequality, social work, and education, to name just a few. Recently, I also became a published novelist with a science fiction series that has been a Number One Bestseller. Therefore, what I can offer is a solid writing craft that has been honed over many years, a broad range of knowledge in various subject areas, and excellent academic research skills.


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Child Sexual Abuse in the Contemporary Era: Exploring Prevalence Levels Via Media Sources, Empirical Studies, and Official Statistics
Without Real-World Application, the Value of Knowledge is Much Diminished. Discuss.
Is Intellectualism and Rationalism in Epistemology Plausible in Light of the Relation Between Knowledge and Practical Interests? Discuss.
Safeguarding Children from Sexual Exploitation: The Role of the Social Worker
What Can Social Workers Do to Help Safeguard Children from Child Sexual Abuse and Is Inter-Agency Collaboration Effective?
A Methodological Design For Research Into Child Sex Abuse (CSA): Utilising Secondary Data and the Application of Theoretical Perspectives
Understanding the Application of the ‘Structural-Functionalist’ Perspective in the Field of Sociology: Some Examples
An Examination of the ‘Simulation Hypothesis’

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