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Mary Wollstonecraft made huge contributions to the life and rights of women. She is considered among the prominent feminist of her time. Through his article “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman” the writer provides various views on the rights of women. She further provides various criticisms directed on women of her time. One of[…]

Gaming in the Asia-Pacific region is a huge market, and takes diverse forms which range from massive multiplayer online games to illegal gambling parlors. Within the region, gaming has been seen in a variety of ways, and has an entrenched and diverse role in the Asia-Pacific region. This research paper will discuss trends in gaming[…]

Social workers undergo diverse challenges in the current working environments. The world has undergone a lot of transformation which has had an impact on the way social workers perform their duties. Globalization, new mental health problems, trauma associated with family and challenges resulting from war are of the new phenomena. Social workers therefore need to[…]

In an increasingly globalized world, it is important for one to consider how best to be a global citizen, and engage effectively with the trends and developments of an interconnected world. Issues such as terrorism, transnationalism, immigration, climate change and technological disruption are fundamentally issues founded in a globalized world, and it is therefore important[…]

Abstract There have been many changes in the world from ancient times. With the growth of every society, there is always an eventual change in perception. What was right or wrong a decade ago, is not necessary so now or will be in the future. This paper looks at the various changes in the view[…]

In the poetic short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” Charlotte Perkins Gilman uses yellow paper as a symbol to indicate how men oppress women in a patriarchal society. Two features are explicit in the yellow wallpaper symbol; that is, the former represents a color and the latter a shape. In the story, the narrator dislikes the[…]

Question: Is white privilege a useful concept in the quest for racial justice? Why or why not? Racism and discrimination are examples of problems bedeviling American society. These challenges require feasible measures and strategies to solve. If not addressed, these issues may have adverse effects on people. White privilege is one of the fueling factors,[…]

In most areas of the ancient Egyptian civilization, women were equals to men, except in occupations. The women in this society had special rights which women of other comparable cultures did not have (McDowell). They were allowed to own property, and the courts viewed them as equals to men. However, Egyptian society limited women in[…]

Introduction Global turn is marked by various imagery that has shaped the present day. The imagery changes the way the world is portrayed. For example, the interaction and interconnection between nations affirm a changing attitude and approach towards global issues. The factors that transform the global image include organizations, non-state actors, processes, collectivities, and relations[…]

This course has provided me with real-life practical skills that can help me develop as well as improve my awareness in various life spheres. The book, The art of living: Pathways to personal growth, has insightful topics that enhance a person’s thoughtful process in becoming a better person in society. Its fundamentals stress a person’s innermost[…]

The film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, is produced by Freudenthal et al. in 2010 to illustrate crucial life-related events characteristic of children in middle school level. The story revolves around Gregg Heffley who is the main protagonist. He is only 11 years old and soon after he joins middle school his more or less uneventful life[…]

Over the years, abortion has remained one of the most controversial issues among many countries. Different laws and policies involving abortion have been developed depending on the people’s perception of abortion. It is essential to understand that abortion is perceived and interpreted differently in society because of different cultural and religious groups. Like other parts[…]

Introduction Reintegrating veterans back in society is a challenge globally, stemming from the vigorous military training they underwent during service. Most families and communities face significant difficulties adjusting to their unique needs, most of which are pertinent to their behaviors. Similarly, veterans experience myriad of ethical concerns when they try to adapt to civilian life,[…]

INTRODUCTION Social inequality occurs in society when a specific group of people experiences unequal opportunities, which are mostly influenced by their social class. The emergence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 19) exacerbated this issue. Its impact is evident globally with the most explicit one being economic turmoil. Its socio-economic impact is vast, noting that several[…]

The Day I Became a Woman, directed by Marzieh Meshkini and Wadjda, directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour, are awakening films, presenting an insightful critique regarding repressive patriarchy and masculine hegemony. For most parts of these two films, intersectionality arises, evinced by the cultural beliefs and practices, gender, and sexual orientation. In both instances, the Al-Mansour and Marzieh[…]

Bullying is an aggressive behaviour primarily identified among teenagers that involves maltreating and harassing the less privileged in schools and the community. Bullying has a long-lasting effect on the bully and the bullied individual and is a repeated and prolonged infliction of pain. Bullying includes actions such as threats, rumour-mongering, physical and verbal attacks. Recently,[…]

Historically, scholars have educationally described social work and social justice differently concerning the case study. The two terminologies are key factors that affect the daily life of humans as they execute their duties no matter the environment they are in. Social is the form of interaction, and work is the task or any load undertaken[…]

The primary thesis considered by Peter Singer describes the obligation of societies in relation to famine relief. The scholar adopts the premise that it is immoral for the affluent in the society not to provide help by not donating to human aid organizations. The need for famine relief in different communities arises from the advent[…]

Regardless of how the United States of America has submitted a couple of blunders since its beginning, the issue of subjugation has continued to torment us as a country. Since the Emancipation Proclamation, African-Americans have searched for compensations, money, or award from a crushed country as pay for disaster or injury upheld during the contention[…]

Article Summary This paper seeks to review an article titled “Do high school gifted programs lead to later-in-life success?” This article is written by Welsch and Zimmer (2018). The article was published in the Journal of Labor Research in June 2018. This journal publishes articles written in the US and on US issues. The review aims to[…]

The community perceives the deaf as people who are disabled or physically impaired. However, the deaf community perceives themselves as different and aligns their challenges to being a minority language. Although the deaf is challenged in hearing, they are not disabled but different. The deaf community is not acknowledged in the community and is often[…]

People have different ways of defining careers. There are only limited empirical insights that exist regarding personal views on career success in different countries across the globe. The global profile perspectives on career success are deemed empty beyond the weird countries like the educated, western, wealthy, industrialized, and democratic. Although success may differ when the[…]

Abstract The farmers’ protest in India has been thus far examined on grounds of response and objectivity towards state dispositions and control. In whereas such an understanding is complicit of what is apparently visible, the objective of this paper lies in establishing the linkages of rationality and reason to the analysis of the protest movements,[…]

Introduction Correctional facilities play a big role in the society. The system is a branch of the State that assists in handling inmates and in providing correctional facilities. Correctional facilities have own administrative units, which manage affairs of the prison. This paper looks at the functions of the administrative heads of correctional facilities; analyze prison[…]

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