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Introduction With regards to sociology, social problem can be deemed to be an issue or condition that has negative effects and impacts that are recognizable amongst large population within the society. According to Loseke (2017), “a social problem exists when a group of people, believing that its interests are not being met, or that it[…]

Every year an estimated 21 million girls of age 15-19 are reported to be pregnant, and approximately 12 million give birth. At least 777,000 delivery occur to adolescent girls younger than 15 yrs (“Vincent Guido 9.2 2016). These pregnancies are a global problem occurring in both low-middle and high-income countries around the world. However, most[…]

Introduction Long before the civil war began in Syria, a large percentage of the populace was complaining about high rates of unemployment and national corruption. On March 2011, a group of teenage students in the Southern City of Derrah painted revolutionary messages on their school’s walls. The government retaliated by arresting and torturing the protestors,[…]

Scenario 1: Reaction The first case scenario that provoked my strongest reaction concerns a man that has been released from jail. The man had been serving a sentence in jail after having been found guilty of rape. I find it challenging working with such kind of s person, and an act, I would work with[…]

The article “Civil Disobedience” by Henry D. Thoreau is a personal reflection on how an ideal government should operate. The large percentage, according to the author, is the source of power for any government. His point of view is evident when he says, “That government which rules not at all is the finest” (Thoreau 6).[…]

The essay “Trick Mirror Reflections on Self-Delusion” authored by Jia Tolentino is elaborate on important aspects that affect women’s life in society from the past. It is vital to explore the essay and establish what major issues that have been propagated by the owner. An examination on the passage extracted from the essay indicates that[…]

Introduction The Indian Act was first passed in the year 1876 to consolidate various laws that protected the rights of Indians. It is a Canadian act of Parliament and it is concerned with systems of Indian reserves, registered Indians and their bands. The act has been amended many times and has drawn controversy between Aboriginal[…]

One of the most effective federal government programs is Social Security. The Social Security system is entirely funded by taxes paid by American employees and for the past 83 years, Americans have been supported by Social Security. The development and administration of the United States’ Social Security program are examined in this study. This document[…]

Marriage, also known as wedlock or matrimony, is a culturally and biblically recognized union between individuals, spouses of the opposite gender. Through marriage, rights and obligations are established between the spouses, spouses, and children and between the spouses and the in-laws. A widely accepted marriage entails formal union and social and a legal contract between[…]

Social Issues is an unfavourable state that goes against society, or a particular segment of society is opposed. It alludes to an undesirable circumstance that frequently brings about issues and continually hurt culture. Social concerns can lead to a slew of challenges that are out of one person’s control. Social difficulties have several shortcomings that[…]

The language around gender and sexuality is continuously evolving. Gender terms and their definitions are changing or becoming redefined. People’s understanding of the complex gender and sexuality constructs is continuously evolving. In adopting this resolution, understanding their different meanings and learning which terms or phrases are most accurate, useful, and respectful is important (Perry et[…]

Background The observation in this study was conducted on a local bar that is most frequented by University students. It is a favorite joint among students who wish to unwind themselves after a tiresome week of rigorous studying. The University has a cosmopolitan population, and thus the bar attracts people from different walks of life[…]

Ideally, an ethical dilemma refers to a conflict that often arises based on two available choices, and in most cases, it focuses on some ethical principle that is hindered based on the two choices that are available to an individual. Subsequently, this case often focuses on the available options, and their resultant consequences based on[…]

Conjugal Roles in the Society Today Introduction In the contemporary world, the contribution of both men and women is appreciated in society. Conjugal roles involve family responsibilities in the provision of childcare, financial support, and general housework. Over the years, household chores have been defined by gender, with men taking mostly leadership roles while women[…]

Introduction In modern society, gender significantly impacts numerous career-related behaviors, results, and attitudes. This consists of work attitudes, career choices, occupational health, career experiences, and other related perceptions. In order to understand people’s careers, it is imperative to take into consideration the gender aspect. Boys and girls differ broadly when it comes to choosing a[…]

Summary The bias theory argues that the majority is to blame for their discriminatory attitudes toward the minority. Even people who think they are not racists and are dedicated to fair and nondiscriminatory treatment may have unconscious racial prejudices that affect their behavior. In today’s world, laws against racial discrimination exist, and people are more[…]

Assumptions behind the questions The 24-hour inquiry tracking has revealed a lot of information about the world. Before formulating appropriate questions, it is important to be aware of the assumptions and use them in the right direction. Assumptions can be both explicit or implicit. This means they may or may not be shared within the[…]

Widely heralded and researched in the field of psychology, stigma represents a social process whereby people are being marginalised (or stereotyped) based upon certain attributes which make them stand out from the rest of society in a supposedly unacceptable manner. Goffman (1963) perceives stigma as a response to the need of the society to categorise[…]

Introduction Max Weber gained popularity based on his “ideal type” contributions in the understanding of contemporary sociology. Ideal types constitute a significant part of his methodology since he believed it was a sociologist’s responsibility to develop conceptual tools. Ideal implies a standard in its excellent perfection; thus, it insinuates a mental image. Weber came up[…]

Introduction Decision making refers to the process or action of thinking through possible or potential ideas or options and selecting one. Morality refers the differentiation of decisions, actions and intentions between those who are bad and those who are good. Ethics is a moral philosophy that involves defending, recommending and systemizing concepts of wrong and[…]

Audience and Purpose Population growth in the world is posing a threat to environmental sustainability, especially in the United States. There is an urgent need to control the ever-rising population in a bid to ensure posterity for future generations. Failure to control the rising population levels can attract dire consequences to the society. The audience[…]

Introduction Rachel Robbins and Kate Cook (2017) authored the article “Don’t Even Get Us Started on Social Workers’: Domestic Violence, Social Work and Trust – An Anecdote from Research”. The article explores the concept of trust relating to the work done by social workers in child protection against domestic abuse. The authors conducted the study[…]

Psychosocial Stage of Development Theory The theory was coined by Erikson and introduced in 1950. It is the most influential psychosocial theory to ever be introduced that covers a full lifespan of an individual (Dunkel & Harbke 2017). The theory is wealthy of insights into development and an important basis for scholarly research. The researches[…]

The technological developments today are exciting and interesting as they are continuously bringing new products in the commercial market and one of such technological achievements is the Radio Frequency Identification chip, also known as RFID. “Why you’re probably getting a microchip implant someday” is an article written by Haley Weiss, the author provides the views[…]

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