Essay on Policy Identification

Published: 2021/12/02
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Social Issues is an unfavourable state that goes against society, or a particular segment of society is opposed. It alludes to an undesirable circumstance that frequently brings about issues and continually hurt culture. Social concerns can lead to a slew of challenges that are out of one person’s control. Social difficulties have several shortcomings that are detrimental to the general public. They are circumstances that hurt our general public. They emerge when the public departs from an ideal situation in nature or society. This study discusses poverty and hunger as a social problem, its rationale, policies that impact poverty and enthusiasm as a social problem. It will focus on specific methods to address the social situation and advocate changing poverty and hunger.

According to Nelson Mandela, overpowering poverty is not a token of a noble cause; it is a righteous act. It is about safeguarding a fundamental human right, the right to poise and respectable life. A considerable number of individuals living in underdeveloped nations live on less than $1.90 per day. Hunger, deprivation, and food costs are all inseparably connected. Starvation is a result of lack. Few out of every odd individual living in poverty faces lingering starvation, but practically everyone who suffers from lingering starvation is likewise living in deprivation.

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Poverty and hunger as a social problem affect many people in developing countries and globally; many developed countries face poverty and hunger. The rich have access to different and better services than the poor, which is accountable for a slew of societal issues (Spector et al., 2017). A considerable percentage of the poor cannot find work due to a lack of sufficient education. Unemployment leads to crime, drug misuse, prostitution, and the spread of incurable diseases. It makes it difficult for a society to obtain adequate medical care and limit the spread of diseases and, eventually, death.

Energy and environmental policy have a significant impact on low-income communities in America. Poorer households are disproportionately affected by policies and regulations that distort market prices and drive expenses higher, causing them to make difficult decisions between energy and other essentials (Pogge, 2017). In addition, Individuals’ opportunities to grow and develop are affected by labour and employment policies. High minimum salaries deter employers from hiring low-skilled workers from low-income families. Instead, they encourage them to engage people with a broader skillset, usually from higher-income families.

Increasing employment is one of the methods used to address poverty and hunger. There is laborious work to be done in America, but much of it will not be moneymaking. The administration can help here. Low-cost home construction creates jobs by increasing disposable income through cutting housing expenses. Training more individuals would be possible if community colleges were free (Mooney et al., 2021).

Moreover, put an end to mass incarceration. The war on drugs and police targeting young black and brown men causes havoc in society, isolating parents from their kids and eliminating them from employment. Countless businesses disqualify people with minor arrest histories, and many probationers are turned down for loans, housing, and even educational chances.

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The agency and students can advocate change to poverty and hunger through social policy development. The agency accomplishes this goal through the community organization. Agents join panels or work straightforwardly with chosen authorities to discuss local area needs or recommend potential changes to explicit social strategies that influence poor people (McCarter, 2017). agencies may also use fundraisers to control social policies. On the other hand, students prepare for advocacy through policy practice and policy advocacy.

In conclusion, if a society becomes adamant, it can successfully resolve social issues. These social issues act as a roadblock to society’s progress. As a result, we all should band together to oppose them and put an end to them for the greater good. We should put policies in place that could eradicate poverty in the world. We should enable people to provide for them, see their children grow up strong, and for whole communities to prosper. Government should put in place policies that fight poverty but not policies that enhance poverty.


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