Essay on the Three Scenarios That Provoked Strongest Reactions

Published: 2021/12/06
Number of words: 1270

Scenario 1:


The first case scenario that provoked my strongest reaction concerns a man that has been released from jail. The man had been serving a sentence in jail after having been found guilty of rape. I find it challenging working with such kind of s person, and an act, I would work with them under any circumstances. Therapeutic practice with sex offenders presents clinical, personal and professional challenges for counsellors. Working with sex offenders is difficult regardless of the client’s nature and other factors. Most of the ex-convicts of rape are reluctant to treatment, and in most cases, they attend counselling classes as an order from their supervisors. Convicts of rape are highly manipulative to the therapist and other group members (Winnick, 2008). They also display various forms of criminal thinking such as power plays, lying, grooming and deflection.

In addition, society’s perception toward sex offenders is a hindrance to the required goal achievement. The sex offenders face stigmatization from society and are denied jobs and interact with the rest community members. However, in my case, I find it uncomfortable dealing with them due to their manipulative nature (Grady & Strom-Gottfried, 2010). Additionally, they contradict my values and beliefs about security and humanity. Their actions do not align with my advocacy for being humane and secure. Also, sex molesters are believed to be holding some persuasive power which might contradict counselling sessions.

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We all learn our beliefs and values according to how we are brought up. The family, the social and the cultural background that we are brought up in contributes to the belief and values that we hold now. Therefore I learnt my values and beliefs from my family, my school and the community cultural practices. I learnt that people who undertake rape cases perform human acts by offending and violating others. Their actions are a threat to the security of mostly young children and women in society.


Despite the contradictions that the scenario brings to my values and beliefs, I must find the best way to handle this issue. As a counsellor working with sex offenders bears professional and personal challenges. However, there are ways in which handling such cases can be simple. Unfortunately, many social workers and counsellors have chosen not to work with these kinds of people due to the negative implications (Courtney et al., 2019). To handle this issue, I will venture into education training and get the skills required in dealing with the population of sex offenders (Ward et al., 2006).

Scenario 2

Moreover, the scenario of a man convicted of domestic violence was equally uncomfortable for me. It raised my strongest reactions when I recalled that I lost one of my closest friends in 2007 due to domestic violence. She was the only child to her mom and was only 17 years old. The boyfriend shot her in the head. This case has a sensitive spot in me, and I work tirelessly to create awareness in the community concerning violence. The scenario also contradicts my beliefs and values concerning security, family and humanity. Domestic violence is a common issue all over the United States, and in many cases, it goes unnoticed due to the many forms that it is exercised. However, the noticed cases involve the murder of physical abuse that is evident in public. Working with violators requires a lot of o humility and skills, and sometimes it also challenging with these ex-convicts o domestic violence.


As mention earlier in the first response, we learn our beliefs, values and attitudes from a younger age. Our families, the community and the cultural practices that we are exposed to. Domestic violence is lethal to the emotional, physical and mental health of the victims. The perpetrators of domestic violence jeopardize people’s security. Additionally, they fail to meet the obligations concerning family love. According to my values and beliefs, a family is a place that should offer support and love and not physical torture and stress.

Additionally, domestic violence violates human rights. The perpetrators do not show any form of humanity. Their actions are inhuman and violate the rights of other people.


In most cases, men make the highest number of domestic violence perpetrators. On the other hand, women and children make the highest percentage of domestic violence survivors. Dealing with convicts of domestic violence requires humility to help the perpetrator unlearn their behaviour. Therefore, I will focus on putting aside my issues towards domestic violence perpetrators. In so doing, I will be able to offer intervention to the perpetrator.

Scenario 3


I found it contradicting ad somewhat uncomfortable concerning the case of a woman who decided to leave her family, including children, to gain independence. I believe that one’s family and children should be put at the front. However, leaving the family to gain independence may end up becoming the complete opposite of the expectations—the woman leaving children to suffer, especially due to the parent’s absenteeism (Odongo, 2021). Parent absenteeism in a child’s life results in socio-emotional factors. Additionally, the absence of a mother in a child’s development in the early stages of growth (Odongo, 2021). Therefore, her decision contradicts my beliefs about family.

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Family plays a key role in a child’s life. The moment a family’s stability is broken, it brings in negative implications to both children the parent. Since m parents have shown me the need for a family, and have always tried to ensure they are available any time I need them. I always put family first at all costs regardless of the situation at hand. Therefore, leaving children and husbands behind to gain independence seems wrong, and I believe that is how generational curses start.


When handling such a case requires a lot of skills especially determining the cause as to why a person wants to leave. For example, in some cases, it would be a result of unhappiness and toxic marriages that involve abuse; however, as a therapist, it is important to ensure that you recommend to the client reevaluate her reason for leaving before taking action. Secondly, the counsellor should encourage communication in order to determine the root of the issue.


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