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Published: 2021/11/26
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Decision making refers to the process or action of thinking through possible or potential ideas or options and selecting one. Morality refers the differentiation of decisions, actions and intentions between those who are bad and those who are good. Ethics is a moral philosophy that involves defending, recommending and systemizing concepts of wrong and right conduct. Business ethics is a type of applied ethics that determines the principles as well as moral beliefs that guides management decision making (, 2020). Ethical issues involves the obligation of an organization has to its suppliers, neighbors and employees. business ethics is majorly related with situations when the obligations are inconsistent with strategic choices or are in conflict with one another.

One of the major ethical issue in managerial decision making is discrimination. Discrimination is one of the biggest this issue that affect managerial decision making. In many organizations, there is lack of diversity which leads to decisions being made by certain category of people. Discrimination is usually found at businesses of all sizes. Discrimination is where people receive unequal treatment during decision making process within the organization. It is important to note that discrimination is not only unethical but also illegal. There are various laws that protect workers from discrimination based on gender, age, region, race, and disability (Farmer, 2018). Discrimination also involves firing workers the maybe reach a certain age or ethnic minorities getting fewer promotions.

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The other major ethical issue lack of trust among the management team. When making decision that will positively impact an organization, it is important to trust each other and believe in the team. When there is mistrust between the members, everyone tends to provide ideas based on their own interests. The other issue is the abuse of leadership. A good leader should consult the subordinates when making decisions. However, some of them take the position to provide decisions that is not to be questioned by anyone. Implementation of such decisions may not benefit the company much since employees will not feel being part of the company or the organization. It is therefore important to ensure that employees provide their opinions before finalizing of a certain decision that will impact the entire organization (Zhilla et al., 2018).

The case of the dropped mobile calls

The case begins with a conversation between Garb Griesser and Nancy Johnson about their experience with Intergalactic Telephone Corporation (ITC). Through the conversation it is evident that their experience is not good at all. Nancy is a high value customer who receives many phone services for her extended family while Barb is an influencer of technology and churn decisions but not as high value as Nancy. Therefore, when Barb approach Nancy with the complain about dropping calls Nancy states that she does not have any problem (Teradata, 2012).

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BSI is a team that helps Intergalactic Telephone Corporation whose client’s experiences dropped mobile phones calls. It uses of Teradata hybrid, Tableau, Terdataaster and Aprimo to develop various novel approaches of analyzing details of call records in order to determine potential defectors as well as improve satisfaction of the customers. This also enable the corporation to provide real-time apologies, software upgrades, free femto boosters and credits on bills. From the video, it is evident that customer churn is a major issue for Telcos especially when it is caused by poor network. The major underlying issues are lack of geo-holes, software issues, capacity as well as lack of handsets. The major focus for the case is that users have bad experience with churn.

The case was solved by BSI though various ways. BSI analyzed the calling networks, determined high-value customers as well as influencers with the experience of dropped calls. BSI acted very quickly in order to identify the top potential defector. It also established and deployed several campaign strategies such as discounts, femtocell boosters to promote high-value influencers or customers within issues in fixed areas and fast apologies (Teradata, 2012). It used Teradata Aster to detect call graphs and Teradata hybrid storage to reach on top of dropped call data faster and finally Aprimo to launch the campaign.


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