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Published: 2022/01/11
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Social workers undergo diverse challenges in the current working environments. The world has undergone a lot of transformation which has had an impact on the way social workers perform their duties. Globalization, new mental health problems, trauma associated with family and challenges resulting from war are of the new phenomena. Social workers therefore need to develop new skills and knowledge to perform their duties with care and perfection. It is then prudent for any professionally sensitive social worker to further their knowledge base. I therefore wish to join Barry University School of Social Work for a Masters in Social work degree program. Equipping social workers with current information and methods of service delivery would improve services to criminal offenders, assisting drug addicts, assisting people living with H.I.V/AIDS, and in handling family problems.

Training social workers assist in provision of assistance in children homes. A trained social worker provides great service in offering advice to families, management of foster care and adoption, and in assisting children with family and school problems (Holland, 2010). Training, at your institution will further my knowledge base. I will be able to adapt to these new challenges with ease and accurately. Personally, drug addiction and alcohol abuse interest my professional area. The current rates of drug addiction and alcohol abuse are destructive to the society globally. Drug and alcohol abuse has a negative effect on family; on physical health as well as mental health of users.

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This area of social work on drug and substance abuse is challenging, since treatment depends on the individual using it to be effective. Even though the user of such drugs solely uses the substance, its effect affects a wider radius of individuals. Effects of drug and alcohol abuse affect family relationships, the neighborhood and relationships. According to information by the Council on Social Work Education, social workers should uphold professional discipline, values and ethics. According to the institution, it is therefore mandatory for social workers not only to focus on their skills development, but also put emphasis on self- reflection and personal attitudes. Substance and alcohol abuse field of social work is perhaps the next crucial field in the coming years.

In recent years the number of drug addicts has increased, the number of offenders relating to drug trade and abuse has been on the increase. Family problems resulting from drug and alcohol abuse has had an effect on children and relationships (Holland, 2010). There has been a considerable effort from social work institutions and workers in tackling the menace. With all of these efforts there is much more that social workers can still accomplish. A great deal of recognition is on Barry University and other institutions of social work, for developing individual social workers and in upholding social work standards and ethics. Therefore, it is the role of social workers to ensure that people with substance related problems receive treatment with dignity and care.

My interest in pursuing a Masters in Social Work at Barry University School of Social Work, is to further my skills and knowledge. Current challenges facing social work and new events give me a reason to apply for admission at your institution. I would wish to undertake this program at your institution for a variety of other reasons. The institution’s accreditation from the Council of Social workers is one of them. The tri-semester program and the possibility of doing the program in four different locations make it the best institution. The institution offers two different structures of the program. One gets the opportunity to choose from either pursuing a traditional or an advanced standing program. Irrespective of personal and other obligation a student of Barry University would not miss class attendance. This is because there are weekend classes to accommodate such students.

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Apart from this a student would benefit from a class population of 15 to 23 students. This offers the best environment for learning. There is the advantage of undertaking an advanced course in Trauma-Informed clinical practice. The professional social work goals I hold includes enhancing coping capacities on patients assist in problem- solving, and to have an effect on the society ensuring justice to all. In my personal practice and life experiences, I have come to the realization that family is the most important aspect in the world. Every individual has a family to relate to. For a person in the street, there is that street family they relate to so do every other human being. Therefore issues affecting family and its sanctity are my greatest area of interest.

There have been problems on family recently. In such a condition it is prudent for a social worker to upgrade their skills and competency. I am conversant with the rules and other conditions of Barry University School of Social work. And I promise to abide by them and any other necessary changes. I am able to work with diverse groups of people, a social individual; able to work with families and in assisting individuals solve problems. I am also able to assist in planning and in the development of social work policies. In relation to personal weaknesses I am overly critical at times. I wish to state that I would be looking to apply for financial aid or grants as a means of financing the program.


Holland, S. (2010). Child and family assessment in social work practice. Sage.

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