Essay on Two Important Global Issues

Published: 2021/12/28
Number of words: 612


Global turn is marked by various imagery that has shaped the present day. The imagery changes the way the world is portrayed. For example, the interaction and interconnection between nations affirm a changing attitude and approach towards global issues. The factors that transform the global image include organizations, non-state actors, processes, collectivities, and relations (Darian-Smith 33). The interactions within, across, and between the above factors within transnational and national contexts have worldwide effect. Currently, human existence across the world is influenced by various historical and current occurrences. Social behaviours and relations have transformed with time leading to both positive and negative effects. Such effects are visible through religions, ethics, values, ways of being, cosmologies and communications. I believe various global issues require an urgent response. These issues include neoliberalism and indigenous people. Analysis of the two global issues mentioned will reveal their effects on global imagery.

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Neoliberalism resulted from globalization. As markets open up across the world, new policies and economic theories are established to ensure peaceful coexistent of economies. Therefore, neoliberalism is an economic logic. I find it useful in the world’s global economy as it brings posterity that ensures people get an income and improve their standards of living. Darian-Smith denotes that “there is one and only one social responsibility of business-to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits (34).” I concur with such a statement as an increase in profits shows progress in nations’ economy.

The only way to sustain such profits is by implementing neoliberal policies that support business interests. The policies will as well maximize corporate power and profits and eliminate exploitative financial practices that affect public interests and labour safeguards (Darian-Smith, 36). Countries globally, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have implemented neoliberal policies to increase their capacities and speed of economic change across the globe. Therefore, I believe neoliberalism is good for the entire world as it enhances integration between nations and expands economies.

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Indigenous People

Statistics show that there are approximately 350 million indigenous people around the world. This group represent a vast array of linguistic and cultural traditions. For this reason, they deserve fair treatment wherever they are in the globe. Indigenous people are unique and sophisticated at the same time they have experience of imperialism, systemic marginalization, colonialism, exclusion, and genocide (Darian-Smith 170). I believe they are worthy of being treated justly and that they should be catered for in terms of their needs. Three hundred fifty million is not a small number, and so they must not be ignored and left to suffer. This group of people are always categorized as “minorities.” Such classification is not right as their societies existed in places well before imperialism and colonialism.


In conclusion, global issues must be addressed to ensure there is conformity to an ethical and moral society. I believe in coexistence, and it can only be achieved if there is fairness in every sector. I believe the two global issues, neoliberalism and Indigenous people are important to address because they have an impact on everyone’s life across the globe. Neoliberalism improves the global economic performance leading to an increase in income and revenues in states. Indigenous people, on the other hand, have been suffering from historical injustices brought on them by colonialism and imperialism. They deserve better treatments as the majority of them flourish in poverty. I believe the two issues are essential and need to be addressed.

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Darian-Smith, Eve. “The Global Turn: Thinking About the World from a Global Perspective.” International Studies Forum, 2017.

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