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  Annie Carter

Health, Neuroscience, Occupational Psychology, Psychology, Social Work

Sample Paper - "Genetic contributions to the aetiology of autism."

I have a BSc Psychology degree (2:1), and have recently completed a Master’s degree in cognitive rehabilitation. While reading for my Master’s degree I was able to delve more deeply into neuropsychology and brain injury, as well as successful rehabilitation techniques/interventions. My dissertation focused on the nature of music-evoked memories in an ageing population and in the light of neurodegenerative disorders such as dementia. Since graduating with my Master’s degree, ...

  Scott M. Walker

Anthropology, Cultural Studies, European Studies, History, Literature, Media, Politics, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology

Sample Paper - ""

I qualified with a degree in Psychology and Sociology first, then did a postgraduate degree in the Sociology related subject of Social Anthropology. I qualified to be a Hypnotherapist and happily worked as that for a few years before deciding to become a college lecturer in Psychology and Sociology. I have been teaching for seventeen years now, having helped hundreds of students with essays and dissertations. I have always mixed academic teaching with creative writing. I have written several cu ...

  Nelly Adams

Biology, Dentistry, Health, HRM, Management, Midwifery, Nursing, Pharmacology, Physiology, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology

Sample Paper - "The causes of the obesity epidemic in the UK"

I am a full-time, self-employed academic writer with a diverse educational background. I am a qualified dentist and I have a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management and Policy from a high ranking British university. I write extensively on national and international healthcare and public health policies. I am frequently asked to write on a variety of nursing topics such as patient assessment, holistic care, leadership in nursing, nursing ethics and duty of care. I have developed academic piece ...

  Jack Sawyer

Agency Law, Civil Litigation Law, Commercial Law, Commercial Property Law, Company Law/Business Law, Comparative Law, Constitutional/Administrative Law, Consumer Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Criminal litigation, Criminology, Employment Law, European Law, Family Law, Finance Law, General Law, Human Rights, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Development, International Law, International Relations, International Studies, Jurisprudence, Law, Maritime Law, Medical Law, Mental Health Law, Negligence Law, Planning/Environmental Law, Politics, Professional Conduct Law, Public Law, Restitution Law, Social Policy, Social Work, Succession Law, Tax Law, Tort Law, Trusts Law

Sample Paper - "Defence Against Sexual Harassment Cases"

I hold a BA (Honours) degree in Economics and an LLB. I also hold an LLM in International Commercial Law from London. Presently, I am studying for my second LLM at the University College Dublin (UCD) in European Law and Public Affairs. While pursuing my LLM in London, I worked part-time at the House of Commons where I worked on the House of Lords reforms, the Data Communications Bill and the Parliamentary Privilege Bill. My aspiration is to become a successful barrister and deal with important ...

  Elizabeth Robinson

Education, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Teaching

Sample Paper - "An investigation of the causes of the August riots (2011)"

I graduated in 2012 with a first-class degree in Social Inclusion and Justice (This is an umbrella term which examines various perspectives within the Social Sciences). I have a particular interest in both Inclusive Education and the construction of gender stereotypes in the media and my work has been published in numerous academic publications.Currently, I am teaching English as a Second Language in Turkey and plan to go to South Korea during the next academic year. I intend teaching for the ne ...

  Jo Harris

Education, English Language, International Development, Literature, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology

Sample Paper - "Resilience in Adverse Circumstances"

I have recently completed my Masters in Psychology and Education from Cambridge, specialising in creative interventions in social psychology. Before this I worked among underprivileged children and young people at a prominent non-profit organisation. I have also spent a lot of time volunteering with such organisations and have worked cheifly in training teachers with a focus on risk management and working with children with special needs. I am currently considering continuing with my research be ...

  Joan Richards

Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Business, Communications, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Design, Education, Film Studies, Health, Journalism, Management, Marketing, Media, Nursing, Philosophy, Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Religion, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Teaching, Theatre, Theology

Sample Paper - "Joan Richards Profile"

I am an experienced academic writer with degrees in Philosophy and in Art at B.A. (First Class and 2:1 respectively) and Masters level (Distinction), and have further post-graduate research experience at a UK University. I have extensive business and entrepreneurial experience having worked as a data analyst (using software such as SPSS) on commercial research projects for major market research companies as well as running my own business. I am deputy director of a small textiles and arts educat ...

  Sophie Richards

Anthropology, Childcare, Communications, Criminology, Forensic Science, Human Rights, International Studies, Mental Health Law, Neuroscience, Nursing, Physiology, Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Religion, Sciences, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Statistics, Urban Studies

Sample Paper - "Is schizophrenia a disease?"

I am a currently a full time academic writer, with an MSc Degree in Forensic Psychology, a postgraduate diploma in Social Psychology and Child Development and a BSc Degree in Applied Psychology and Computing. I am currently working towards the publication of my MSc Thesis, for which I received a distinction and a recognised university award. I plan to start my PhD in the next 18 months, building on from the findings of my MSc dissertation. My personal research interests are predominantly in the ...

  Kat Smith

Environmental Studies, Geography, Health, Nutrition, Psychology, Risk Management, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology

Sample Paper - "Exploring groups and their dynamics"

I am a researcher and writer who has worked for a number of high profile educational, public and corporate organisations. I have a BA (Hons) in Classics, industry management qualifications and experience, a master’s degree in environmental management, and occupational health and safety. I recently finished my PhD in Psychology and my M.D. in Alternative Medicines. I am currently studying for a DSc in Psychotherapy and Wellbeing, a PgC in Evidence Based Psychological Treatments and an M.D. in N ...

  Tallula May

Criminology, Cultural Studies, Education, Media, Quantitative Methods, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology

Sample Paper - "The criminal justice system - the powerful and the powerless."

I have a first class honours degree in Sociology and Education Studies. I have lead on large-scale research projects across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England and have used both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies extensively for nearly six years. I have a naturally enquiring and investigative mind so I enjoy writing academic papers and consistently write to a high standard. “The rich get richer and the poor get prison”. Discuss how the criminal justice sys ...

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