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Abstract This phenomenological study inquired into the role person-centred therapy plays in empowering domestically abused women. It attempted to shed light on the meaning of power and empowerment in therapy and psychological effects of domestic abuse on women. Women (n=15) who had been in person-centred therapy for six months and had experienced domestic abuse and[…]

This assignment examines the ‘care / control dilemma’ at the core of Youth Justice practice. It examines the effects of recent changes in legislation and the political context in which these changes took place. The welfare versus justice argument is well versed and in preparation for this assignment I found that there was a wealth[…]

An extract from an assignment for Module: Interprofessional Practice and Team Management (BA Hons Degree in Social Work). The context of this assignment is based on a hypothetical interdisciplinary team operating in a primary care setting. The team comprises GPs, community nurses, occupational therapists, home-care supervisors and social workers/ care managers. Provide an introduction to[…]

Introduction Societies today face several kinds of problems. Issues as complicated as the high rate of criminality or others which may appear easier to deal with such as the traffic congestion in the motorways impose problems which modern societies need to deal with. Hence states form social policies which have measures to follow so as[…]

Introduction This essay will critically consider the points of similarity and differences between counselling and psychotherapy. After briefly considering what counselling and psychotherapy are, it will firstly outline the broad arguments for the differences between the two and evaluate the validity of these assertions. Then it will look at the points of similarity, again critically[…]

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