Ellen Hodgson

About me:

I have an honours degree in sociology and a Master’s degree in social work. I have written high quality assignments on all aspects of these subjects and dissertations on postmodernism and youth culture and anorexia and feminism. I have ten years experience of social care work. I have worked with a diverse range of service-user groups; young people on remand, looked after children, the homeless, mentally, physical and learning disabled adults and children and victims of all kinds of abuse. I was employed by a local authority, based in a hospital, as a social work practitioner on a children’s mental health team with a specialist role in learning disability and autism spectrum conditions. There I supported and educated parents, carried out mental health risk assessments and developmental assessments. I worked therapeutically with children and young people. I am currently pursuing a career in academic research and writing.


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Critically explore the care context in which social work operates, demonstrating an understanding of sociological and social policy concepts, drawing on examples from practice.

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