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Introduction Did you know that hundreds of thousands of children are under the Foster Care System (FCS)in the United States of America? According to an article published by, the FCS had 438 000 children in their systems in 2019. The FCS is a practice well-rooted in the history of the US as it began[…]

YouTube Film: Reflection Practice After watching the YouTube video and detailed reading of the secondary sources provided, I did realize that the main purpose of the truth and reconciliation is to hold public meetings to build up the scale & impact of the past injustice done with the people involving educational crimes with children and[…]

Parenting styles refer to how parents react and respond to their children. Basically, most parents have their children’s best interests at heart, and they will choose a parenting style that will help them raise happy, healthy, self-sufficient, and independent adults. The parenting style one chooses tells much about the level of love one has for[…]

The switch into school signifies a significant phase in every kid’s life. School readiness implies the kid’s ability to make a smooth and effective switch to school. Preschool readiness suggests the same as school readiness but about kindergarten kids. This study discusses the essential components in determining whether a child is ready for school. Transitioning[…]

Introduction This aspect is also tagged as parent management training. It simply refers to training of parents in order to change their behaviors and styles of parenting. This program of treatment on parents is aimed at reinforcing positive aspects of improving behaviors of pre-school and school going children (Preece, 2014). Parents through such training methods[…]

A consideration of the principles and practice that underpin the Early Years Foundation Stage and how the current framework relates to young children’s needs and interests Introduction DfE (2013a) enunciates that the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a set of statutory guidelines which all childcare providers (including schools, nurseries and children’s centres) must adhere[…]

Introduction When conceptualisations of research and academia appear in literature, academia and education are synonymous with each other. Once this connection has been made, the notion of the study of children inevitably manifests. Children are a valuable educational resource- they are the future of the world, in economic and personal terms. This is a viewpoint[…]

I choose Relias children home, because it offers favorable services to the society by improving the living conditions of children across the community. The children home besides acting as a residential place for the abandoned children has created a learning program which demonstrates there dedication to upgrade the community standards. I joined the organization program[…]

Kids need to encounter their environment through responsive relations with parents. Loving, safe, nurturing settings have a beneficial effect on the development of children. They are a basis for learning the skills of establishing safe relationships and how to control emotions. From birth, a child develops psychologically and shows the connection to parenting, connected to[…]

Introduction The objective of this assignment is to explore the impact of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and charitable organisations on improving the quality of life for children in Syria. This has been chosen because of the widespread difficulties experienced by the inhabitants of the country, which have been documented both theoretically and prolifically in the modern[…]

Introduction This paper provides a review of two articles that focus on the development of social skills that will arguably enhance a child’s social capital. Porath’s (2009) research paper appears to have provided evidence that a teacher’s instructions during pre-school education can act as a pathway from one stage of child development to the following[…]

1. Introduction – “the most assessed pupils in the world” “There is no such thing as a fair test. The situation is too complex and the notion too simplistic.”- Gipps & Murphy, (1994: 273). There exist a wide range of types and methods of assessment, however the title of this paper refers predominantly to summative[…]

Introduction It has been commonly reported in diary reports (Rescorla, 1979) and confirmed in empirical research (Thomson and Chapman, 1977; Fremgen and Fay, 1980; Gelman and Naigles, 1995) that children aged one to two years generalise word meanings to a wider collection of objects than adults would consider appropriate. For example, a child may refer[…]

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