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Due to permeable borders and an unrivalled frequency of travel and migration, health has become coupled with national security. Governments have recognized the detrimental impact that foreign health crises may have. According to its strategy document, the UK seeks to tackle health and security in five different areas. These are: ‘Better health security Stronger, fairer[…]

Introduction The internecine conflict that is taking place in the Ukraine indicates the existence of a civilizational clash between the Western and Eastern orthodox cultural spheres (Biersack and O’Lear, 2014: 249). The willingness of the incumbent Ukrainian government to move to a more pro-Western position and seek a close associative agreement with the European Union[…]

Conclusion – Post-Eighth Amendment Irish Abortion Politics This thesis has illustrated the exceptional nature of the conflict and policy making process that has developed in Irish politics and society since the insertion into the Irish Constitution in 1983 of the Eighth or Pro-Life Amendment or Article 40.3.3. The amendment obliges the Irish state to guarantee[…]

There have been few greater threats to the public good in modern history than a government’s unquestioned use of an ideology or theory. Whether this has been segregation in the United States, apartheid in South Africa, National Socialism in Nazi Germany, Stalinism in the USSR or fundamentalist Islam, misused ideologies have brought unimaginable suffering to[…]

It is important to define and categorise wars because this can facilitate a break down and analysis of them; which in turn is a step closer to understanding them. Once understood, one can work on strategies to prevent them. This is why the establishment of a ‘new wars’ thesis is important; it allows us to[…]

This section will examine how Spain’s efforts to join NATO contributed to its eventual participation in the EEC, and subsequently in the EU. Likewise, it is necessary to look at the impact of the Structural Funds given to Spain once it joined, given that these increased output in all industries related to the modernisation of[…]

There is a spring from which gushes a stream of oil, in such abundance that a hundred ships may load there at once. Men come from a long distance to fetch this oil.[1] – Marco Polo Foreign interest in the oil-rich sands of Baku was aroused in the mid-15th century. It was the first oil[…]

INTRODUCTION Public diplomacy is a package in which is contained the cultural practices of a state. The cultures and practices of a state – its media, literature, art, dance, local expressions etc, shape the way it is viewed by the rest of the world. The exchange between states of these local values and practices and[…]

(media.maps.com, 2008) OVERVIEW of the CONFLICT Moldova proclaimed its independence from the USSR on 27 August 1991. However, prior to this internal conflict had begun to emerge and between May and July 1992, a full-scale localised war took place between the Moldovan government and the secessionist Moldovan region of Transdniester. Sporadic, heavy fighting continued until[…]

With detailed reference to Moolaadé (Ousmane Sembene, 2004) and Kandahar (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 2002), discuss the notion of national identity, in terms of the following contexts: Socio-political structures; Aesthetic forms. National identity is a common concern in modern narrative, and is increasingly integrated within individual national cinematic depictions. The focus upon this topic does not arise[…]

This paper debates the extent to which the Syrian refugee disaster can be linked to the Middle East’s inability to subscribe to modernist ideals as well as to an ideological failure from a European perspective. The paper argues against modernist propositions which perceive the perpetuation of a patriarchal and traditional society in the Middle East[…]

Publication of Hedley Bull’s acclaimed work, The Anarchical Society, in 1977 brought a starkly dissenting voice into IR theory, almost fully monopolised by the realist school. Bull dismissed the realist concept of international politics as a mere power struggle between self-contained units (states) and argued that the states of the world are in fact members[…]

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