Lucy Simmons

About me:

I obtained a Masters Degree with merit in International Security from a UK University. My core areas of study were international relations theory, terrorism and counter-terrorism, insurgency and counter-insurgency, and finally new security challenges. It was whilst at Warwick that I had my first academic paper published. Following this I was invited to become a member of an international think-tank, with which I am still associated. Before this I graduated with a 2:1 (hons) in Law. On top of taking the qualifying law degree modules I studied public international law, international criminal law and the legal response to terrorism. I can comfortably write on any of the subjects specifically mentioned, as well as the core law degree modules. Since completing university I took a course enabling me to teach English. This has furthered my analytical and coherent writing ability. I intend on furthering my academic career by completing a PhD in International Relations; more specifically, the effect that the international community has when intervening in civil wars.


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To What Extent Does the ‘New Wars’ Thesis Capture the Changing Nature of Contemporary Warfare?

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