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As part of the criminal justice system in England and Wales, the criminal defence solicitor is considered key to the system’s operation.[1] In fact, criminal defence solicitors arguably gained even more significance in keeping with the access to legal representation available to those that needed it.[2] To illustrate, the Poor Prisoners Defence Act 1903 (PPDA[…]

The British with the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, enacted the criminal justice system in India. The criminal justice system today is based on the principles of equality, liberty or as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. puts it, “Your right ends where my nose begins”[1]. The laws were built to[…]

Executive Summary Crime prevention is an important duty for the federal government of United States of America. The government works in collaboration with various players in order to prevent crime. This paper defines crime prevention, provides an overview on the criminal justice system of the country. It further illustrates different institutions and their contributions to[…]

Introduction It is the function of the Wachita police department to conduct investigations related to drug crimes. The police department’s mandate initially covers around the municipal county but at some circumstances require interaction with other authorities. The police department under the command of the commanding officers conducts arrests and investigations (Cordner, 2013). Their investigations border[…]

The Wolf of the Wall Street is a white collar-based crime movie in which the main protagonists are involved in schemes to fraud people mainly as a stockbroker. Therefore, this paper seeks to find out the content of the film and the intention behind setting such literary work. Further, analysis of theories that are related[…]

The world yearns for peace and security as major components of growth and development in all spheres of life. It saddens me to learn that even as people go about their daily duties to meet their needs other use their influence to get their daily bread. All nations globally have rules and regulations that regulate[…]

Introduction The Criminal justice systems all over the world observe certain rules and procedure in maintaining law and justice. These systems of procedure most often go in line with countries’ laws and procedures described in constitutions of nations. Such laws and procedures therefore, relate to plea for bargaining in cases. It may also include the[…]

The criminal justice system exists as a mechanism that is meant to deliver equal justice to every citizen in the United States in an efficient, effective, and fair process. Ultimate justice is achieved through the act of convicting and punishing guilty parties. There is a secondary purpose of the criminal justice system which is to[…]

According to the United States Department of Justice, the major components of the criminal justice system are the police, the courts, and the corrections. The police are mainly tasked with executing the law selectively, public protection, arresting those suspected of violating the law, and intercepting crime. The individual responsibility of the courts is guaranteeing fair[…]

Introduction The purpose of this work is to examine the right of private defense against another person who imposes an assault or harm to the defender or another innocent person. The work examines when it is acceptable for a defender to legally exercise the right of self-defense against a party who imposes harm or deadly[…]

Abstract The analysis in this thesis indicates that the criminal justice systems enjoy a functioning yet not very efficient support throughout the world. The findings of this study also revealed that the makeup of the system is complex. The use of is employed throughout the world, in all of its different aspects. These systems are[…]

Abstract The never-ending debate on capital punishment in the state of Texas has not gone away and would not be anytime soon. The death penalty costs are currently at some alarming figures. The costs will continue to skyrocket and continue impacting taxpayers with each passing year. The DPIC study found that from 1972 to 1994,[…]

Speaking of white collar crimes, we see people in suits and proper outfits, not individuals totting gins and dressed in masks. Such image of the white collar criminals exacerbates the difficulty of identifying and, more importantly, fearing this kind of crime. Most importantly, white collar crimes may seem to be victimless and non-violent, with the[…]

Introduction Sex trafficking in the United States is conceptualized as a criminal justice issue that dignifies the fundamental rights of humanity, and this is applicable not only in American society but also in every corner of the globe. The victims of sex trafficking are also enticed to access lucrative job opportunities alongside other economic advantages[…]

Purposes and the Functions of the ICC The International Criminal Court is a self-sustained judicial institution and, where warranted, is empowered to conduct investigations on individuals and prosecute gravest crimes, especially against genocide, humanity, and aggression crimes. The commitment of the member nations to fight impunity against its nationals lead to the establishment of the[…]

The criminal justice system heavily relies on eyewitness testimonies to establish some facts about investigations. Psychological theories explain the how justice system utilizes the memory and cognitive abilities of witnesses to shed light or identify some culprits. However, such individuals might not be always right as their memories are prone to decay and distortion. As[…]

The death penalty is the sentence received by the criminal whereas capital punishment is the actual implementation of the death penalty. The death penalty has been used as an option for sentencing since the foundation of the United States. After independence, piracy, treason, murder, forgery, public securities, and federal certificate counterfeiting were made punishable by[…]

Well-established democracies are commonly believed to experience reduced corruption rates compared with autocratic regimes or emerging democracies (Donchev & Ujhelyi, 2014). The level of democracy, however, does not, in the real sense, guarantee a lack of corruption. Established democracies suffer corruption in most situations because they lack transparency in political planning and financing, and this[…]

In many areas of public policy, interventions developed to attain a specific goal can impact other goals. In other words, policy improvement can trigger intended and unintended consequences. Most of the unintended outcomes are desirable, while others are not. For instance, a policy that improves employees’ social protection by raising the national retirement age may[…]

Childhood is a term which generally stirs up images of innocence and life, yet approximately 300,000 children are being used as soldiers, participating in activities that many children around the world would not be able to imagine.[1] Although international action has targeted many individual incidents, the overall impact remains limited and there are still many[…]

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