Essay on Types of Crime: Violent, Property & White Collar

Published: 2021/11/24
Number of words: 609

Speaking of white collar crimes, we see people in suits and proper outfits, not individuals totting gins and dressed in masks. Such image of the white collar criminals exacerbates the difficulty of identifying and, more importantly, fearing this kind of crime. Most importantly, white collar crimes may seem to be victimless and non-violent, with the perpetrator being blamed rather than the victim. As a result, the criminal justice system may view the crimes lightly. In contrast to the frequent depictions of murders and rapes in the newscast, white collar criminals do not scare the general public in the same way. In contrast to a corner shop robbery, the economic considerations associated with white collar crime and the damage associated with it may amount to billions of dollars. Police are not as prepared to pursue fraud as they are to investigate more public crimes, and as a result, the criminal justice system sees white collar crime as being less serious than it really is. Judges and legislators are more concerned with apprehending violent criminals than with apprehending white collar crooks, simply because there is insufficient space in our prisons for this kind of criminal, and thus they get away with it more often. As a consequence, the public stays unaware of these kinds of criminals and continues to fall prey to them. The Federal Trade Commission has the authority to adopt legislation to prohibit fraudulent behavior as soon as it becomes aware of it. The only thing this prohibits is businesses based in the United States. Other nations are aware of the FTC’s authority and therefore avoid them while committing these offenses. They are well aware that the FTC lacks the authority, personnel, and money necessary to prevent this from occurring, and therefore get away with it. In general, white collar crime is a much larger issue than people believe, owing to misperceptions, underestimate of losses, criminal justice system resources, law enforcement, leniency, and constraints.

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What can be done to address the white collar crime problem? When we consider the magnitude of the damage and the rules that sometimes shield white collar offenders, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and quit. There are a variety of methods for identifying and individualizing the perpetrators of these acts. Law enforcement authorities should be assigned particular areas of responsibility, beginning with the complaint. It is recommended that a regular process be followed. Any inquiry should be kept secret to avoid the criminal shutting down their business and so being apprehended. Client complaints that are proved to be the result of white collar crime should be stored in a database for future reference. They should also include the agencies that are accountable for them. This creates a record of the crime and the surrounding area for statistical purposes. Creating a dedicated organization dedicated only to the investigation and enforcement of white collar crime would eliminate the need for so many “hands in the pot.” Above all, we must educate the public about this kind of criminality. Many members of both younger and older generations are ignorant of these get rich fast scams, and others are readily convinced to forego all in exchange for the promise of nothing. Spreading information may help prevent many of these crooks from preying on unsuspecting victims.

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