Joshua Colby

About Me:

I have an undergraduate degree in English Literature during which I was fortunate to study in America where I had the opportunity to be lectured by Yale professors. Having recently finished my Master’s in Research in Film I pursued a career in writing professionally. My Master’s thesis is published with the Film International journal. I have the intention to publish more essays and larger projects throughout my career. I have a great passion for researching and writing. I can write in many styles in subject areas such as English literature, film, history, politics, contemporary society, the arts and philosophy. I can also assist with writing proposals, exam preparation, model answers, editing and proofreading. I currently have a job working closely with Google while seeking more opportunities to write full-time. I used to volunteer at my old Sixth Form for a number of years teaching film studies. In my spare time I like to read, write poetry, take photography and go filming. I also play the saxophone and have a passion for music.

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