Helena Klein

About me:

I have been lecturing at various British universities for several years. I am currently a freelance writer and I have contributed to a range of publications from academic journals to magazines. Academically, I have a BA in Anthropology and Archaeology, a PhD in Art History and a postgraduate diploma in psychotherapy with a focus on movement and somatics, all from well-known British universities. I have also attended courses in psychoanalysis offered by professional organisations such as the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (CFAR). My overall experience has made me versatile and has given me the ability to make connections across disparate fields.

My current area of research and writing is in cultural studies and visual culture as well as performance studies, broadly defined. I have been involved in film-making and photography and thus I am able to contribute to discussions pertaining to the study of film and media. I am fluent in French and Italian and have more than a passing knowledge of French and Italian literature.

Human Development and Growth Module 


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“Observing a child at play: mother and toddler interaction”

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