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The last two decades have witnessed a change in anthropological methodology and practice in the forensic context. What influences have precipitated this change and what are the implications to the discipline’s future regarding its application to the judicial process? The value of biological anthropology to forensic science became increasingly apparent during the last century, culminating[…]

Introduction In this paper I review and examine how Science and Technology Studies (STS) (Hackett et al., 2008; Jasanoff et al., 2001) draw on and influence the method of ethnography.​ The question I ask is: how can STS ethnographies capture the complexity of global connections? To answer this question I will introduce the main ethnographic[…]

Law and the trouble with defining law. Law as a concept has proved famously difficult to define, one because its definitions are often circular and two, because each successive definition improves upon or negates assumptions made by previous definitions. Today, the concept of law is more important than ever, with increasing globalisation and merging of[…]

The Basseri of Southern Iran are traditionally a nomadic, tent-dwelling people, descended from Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and gypsy ancestors. Amanolahi (2003) informs us that now, however, the Basseri have been detribalised and integrated into the Iranian state. Traditionally, their primary mode of subsistence had been pastoral; herding sheep and goats. They numbered about 16,000 in[…]

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