Diane Jones

About me:

I am currently approaching my doctorate for which I shall be researching the evolution of morphological integration and modularity. I hold a class 1 bachelor’s degree in biological anthropology from a top university in the UK. In addition, I have a Master’s degree in skeletal and dental bioarchaeology, as well as supplementary training in forensic anthropology. My schooling in bioarchaeology was conducted at the Institute of Archaeology, London.  My training in human osteology and pathology was also carried out in London, at the Royal College of Surgeons. I have recently finished research at the Museum of London which, as well as skeletal material, utilised evidence from both the archaeological and historic records.

As such, I am qualified to write about topics from within the realms of: human evolution and human genetic, behavioural and morphological variation; evolutionary biology and primate behaviour and ecology; osteology; forensic science; bioarchaeology; as well as topics in social and medical anthropology.


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What influences have precipitated the change in anthropological methodology and practice in the forensic context?

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