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  Myra Dawkins

Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Forensic Science, Genetics, Geography, Plant Science, Psychology, Sciences, Zoology

Sample Paper - "Myra Dawkins - Ivory Research profile"

After over 10 years in academia, I have experience of writing at degree, Master’s and PhD levels. I have worked professionally in a consultancy as well as a post-doctoral Research Fellow. My main focus throughout my academic career has been benthic macroinvertebrates, in upland streams, lakes and the transition zone between fresh and marine environments, thus I have cross-over knowledge of many types of habitats and their ecology. However, during my degree, I also gained experience in man ...

  James Riley

Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Forensic Science, Health, Medicine, Pharmacology, Physiology

Sample Paper - "The treatment of cancer: a discussion of the research into various treatment methods"

With a master’s degree in cancer biology, my main area of expertise is in oncology and molecular biology. My academic writing experience during the time I was reading for both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, combined with my career in writing about cancer, means I am well versed in writing about complicated subjects across a range of different topics. Some of my specific areas of expertise include targeted cancer therapies, DNA stabilisation and cancer development, the molecular bas ...

  Diane Jones

Anthropology, Archaeology, Epidemiology, Forensic Science, Sciences, Statistics

Sample Paper - "What influences have precipitated the change in anthropological methodology and practice in the forensic context?"

I am currently approaching my doctorate for which I shall be researching the evolution of morphological integration and modularity. I hold a class 1 bachelor’s degree in biological anthropology from a top university in the UK. In addition, I have a Master’s degree in skeletal and dental bioarchaeology, as well as supplementary training in forensic anthropology. My schooling in bioarchaeology was conducted at the Institute of Archaeology, London.  My training in human osteology and pathology ...

  Richard Reti

Advertising, Computer Forensics, Criminology, English Language, Forensic Science, Law, Linguistics, Marketing, Research Methods, Teaching

Sample Paper - "Richard Reti - Profile"

I am a linguistics consultant for lawyers and investigators, advising them on their use of language in different areas of the legal process such as interviews and evidence. I also work part-time as an academic English lecturer at a leading UK university where I help native speakers and international students to write essays and give presentations. I have a Law degree, a Masters in Applied Linguistics and am currently doing PhD research into deceptive language in marketing. In my spare time I pro ...

  Andrea Scott

Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, Genetics, Health, Medicine, Neuroscience, Nursing, Physiology

Sample Paper - "The role of the stem cell microenvironment in neurogenesis"

I have just completed my PhD in neuroscience. I am passionate about science and in addition to my research, I teach a range of science subjects from school to university level Discuss the role of the stem cell microenvironment in neurogenesis with reference to microglia Neurogenesis is the generation of neurons from neural progenitor/stem cells. Until the 1960s it was believed that the nervous system was incapable of regeneration (Cajal, 1928) and that neurogenesis was limited to pre-natal devel ...

  Sian Argall

Biology, Forensic Science, Genetics, Health, Medicine, Midwifery, Neuroscience, Nursing, Pathology, Pharmacology, Sciences

Sample Paper - "How glutathione acts to protect mammalian organisms"

I have an MSc in Toxicology and a BSc Hons in Human Biology, both from one of the top UK universities. All of my written work over the years has consistently been of a 1st or 2:1 standard. I am well-versed in subjects such as cell biology, genetics, infectious microbiology, physiology, toxicology and general medical science. In my free time I volunteer with a well-known organisation in a number of medically-related roles where it is important to be able to communicate effectively to a wide range ...

  Chris Watson

Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Forensic Science, Genetics, Health, Neuroscience, Pathology, Pharmacology, Plant Science, Sciences

Sample Paper - "The role of Inositides play in the regulation of cell events"

I am a Life Sciences graduate with an MSc degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from a reputed UK university. For the past two years, I have been employed by Life Technologies Corporation as a Field Application Support Officer and give support regarding the ABI Genetic Analyzer 3730xl. I also help various research groups in meeting their goals. I have been working with the prestigious International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) and we are creating a physical map of the wheat chromoso ...

  Sarah Bradley

Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Forensic Science, Genetics, Medicine, Neuroscience, Pathology, Pharmacology, Plant Science, Sciences

Sample Paper - "Aetiological Agents in Occupational Asthma"

I developed a keen interest in scientific research after completing my undergraduate research project in biological sciences. I also hold a Master’s in Toxicology from the University of Birmingham. My main expertise lies in biology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, neurosciences, health medicine, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences. I am happy to undertake any projects relating to the subject areas mentioned above. Previously I worked as a research assistant and also worked ...

  Sophie Richards

Anthropology, Childcare, Communications, Criminology, Forensic Science, Human Rights, International Studies, Mental Health Law, Neuroscience, Nursing, Physiology, Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Religion, Sciences, Social Policy, Social Work, Sociology, Statistics, Urban Studies

Sample Paper - "Is schizophrenia a disease?"

I am a currently a full time academic writer, with an MSc Degree in Forensic Psychology, a postgraduate diploma in Social Psychology and Child Development and a BSc Degree in Applied Psychology and Computing. I am currently working towards the publication of my MSc Thesis, for which I received a distinction and a recognised university award. I plan to start my PhD in the next 18 months, building on from the findings of my MSc dissertation. My personal research interests are predominantly in the ...

  John Jacques

Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Studies, Forensic Science, Genetics, Health, Medicine, Neuroscience, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Plant Science, Sciences

Sample Paper - "The role of NF-κB in cancer progression - HCC liver cancer"

I am currently a student from Aston University pursuing my PhD in Cancer Research. My areas of speciality are biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, cancer studies, immunobiology and stem cells and regenerative medicine. I also have a Master’s degree in Medical and Molecular Biosciences from Newcastle University. During my spare time, I enjoy reading scientific journals as well as participating in laboratory-based skills training courses. The role of NF-κB in cancer progression, l ...

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