Catherine Williams

About Me:

I was awarded my PhD from the Department of Chemistry at a UK University. My research focused primarily on spectroscopic methods, but I also gained experience in a wide range of analytical techniques, including transmission electron microscopy, particle sizing and zeta potential. After finishing my PhD, I spent several years as a post-doctoral research assistant, again in the field of spectroscopy. During the course of my academic career, I have published many papers in leading peer-reviewed journals, have co-written an article in the Encyclopaedia of Analytical Chemistry and have attended conferences in the UK and internationally.

My first degree was in forensic and analytical chemistry and provided me with a broad spectrum of chemical knowledge. My fourth-year dissertation had to do with the analysis of radioactive elements in environmental samples.

In addition to chemistry, I am interested in general science topics and like to keep abreast of recent developments. During my spare time, being a keen musician, I play the violin in several Scottish groups, give piano lessons and teach music theory.

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