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Financial Statement Comparison Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are the two corporations selected for financial analysis. These are two giant competitors in the food and beverage industry. Coca-Cola is a U.S-based global beverage Corporations whose headquarters are in Atlanta Georgia. The company manufactures, retails, and markets non-alcoholic drink concentrates along with syrups. Coca-Cola Company was started during[…]

Introduction This essay attempts to answer the question what does an examination of the financial statements of Tesco and Morrison’s tell us about the performance and direction of these companies? In order to accomplish this, we carry out Dupont and ratio analysis as well as a common size income statement for both companies and draw conclusions from[…]

1.0 Overview of the Study Evaluating the interest and exchange rates effects on the Consumer Price Index is of crucial significance, especially to the economic policymakers, as it serves as a basis for informed policy decisions at the federal level. Interest rates have a considerable impact on a variety of consumer goods such that higher[…]

Executive summary This report details the creation of an efficient portfolio with a combination of equity and discusses how the shares selected work together, as well as its implications in terms of its volatility-performance relationship. Assuming that the portfolio had been hold for the last three years, its performance is analysed using some of the[…]

Introduction The retail sector refers to the component of the economy that comprises of businesses that sell their products through the internet. Generally, there are countless numbers of retailers, as no single entity can be a monopoly in the retail sector (Khan, 2017). The retail sector has one key feature that differentiates it from other[…]

Abstract The research study examine the impact of interest rate marketization in China using qualitative (Interview) and quantitative research methods. The results indicated that interest rate marketization have positively impacted commercial banks as evidenced by increased operations and functions in China and in foreign countries. The findings would be attributed to the financial reforms that[…]

Bootstrapping refers to a mindset of funding your own business without being too reliant on external debt and equity financing. These include strategies to keep costs low and operations streamlined, and include the use of methodologies to keep the company frugal, agile and low in capital expenditure, hiring strong talent at affordable rates, spending prudently[…]

Background Warren Buffett demonstrated early on that he was a capable businessman. Buffett launched Buffett Partnership Ltd. in 1956, and after the company took roots, he had acquired another big company. After supervising the creation of a multinational with assets in the broadcasting, cover, petroleum, and foodstuff and drink industries, he converted to one of[…]

Intangible Assets According to Walmart Form 10-K 2020, the company utilizes the income method to account for intangible assets that are acquired in relation to business combinations (SEC, 2020). Under the income method, Walmart takes into account the timing and amount of future cash flows, discount rates, growth rates, as well as useful lives of[…]

The ‘Too big to fail’ hypothesis claims that some large financial corporations whose failure would be so disastrous to the economy. Big financial institutions benefit from the economies of scale as well as scope. This makes them more efficient as compared to small firms. Since a significant form has more diversity than a small firm,[…]

The US Federal Reserve System is mandated with the task to determine and implement monetary policies in the country. The decisions made by the institution are crucial in determining the overall economic state of the United States. This paper provides a summary of a selected article that discusses the current monetary policies in the United[…]

Introduction The Brexit concept in the United Kingdom has had and will have consequences for financial markets, especially for major firms that operate in the country. A literature review on the topic of discussion will help prove helpful in unfolding facts and the fate that befalls the UK post-Brexit (Armour, 2017). For instance, the country’s[…]

Introduction In the years leading up to the financial downturn, prices of homes quadrupled. To a lot of people, the explanation was that the number of houses was not sufficient. This addresses a portion of the bigger problem. Leading drivers of price increment are banks that can come up with new money each time they[…]

Introduction A trust refers to a fiduciary relationship, which grants a third party (a trustee) a mandate of holding assets on behalf of beneficiaries. There are numerous ways in which trusts can be arranged specifying when and how should the assets pass onto the beneficiaries. There are two main types of trust: revocable and irrevocable[…]

Evaluating the pros and cons of having no state income taxes. Introduction Paying taxes is an inevitable element of surviving in present-day civilization since countries depend on tax income to offer services to their citizens, put up infrastructure and welfare programs. State income taxes, which differ by state, are a percentage of money that citizens[…]

The PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) hypothesis illustrates the relationship which exists between prices and exchange rates in the economy. PPP can be categorized into absolute PPP and relative PPP. Absolute PPP is where purchasing power parity is defined as the ratio of two countries price levels. On the other hand, relative PPP, in a base[…]

Auditing is the process that involves the evaluation of financial reports presented for a clear view of operations. Many business organizations conduct an audit of their documents both internally and externally. Accountants and experts do internal auditing within the company who work as employees. An external audit is conducted by an independent auditor hired by[…]

Company Overview Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola is a multi-national Corporation that operates in the food and beverage industry. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola manufactures, retails, and markets non-alcoholic syrups along with beverage concentrates. It’s signature product is Coca-Cola alongside Fanta, Dasani, Coke Zero, Sprite and other 200 other goods, distributed globally. The organization was[…]

Introduction  The Bank of America is a multinational financial services and investment bank holding company. Its headquarter is based in North Carolina. The bank was launched in North Carolina. Bank of America is the second biggest banking and financial institution in the US, behind JP Morgan Chase Bank, and the 8th biggest bank globally (Haralayya,[…]

Introduction Financial ratios provide a holistic picture of an organization’s financial health, and allow us to benchmark the organization’s performance against those of other organizations over time and over the relevant sector. This assignment will define the liquidity, leverage, management efficiency, and profitability ratio groups, as well as the respective financial ratios under each group.[…]

Introduction Cost-benefit analysis refers to the technique of drawing comparisons between the estimated costs and the benefits linked to a specific project. From this, a project decision would be made to establish whether it is effective or not. The problem of poverty amongst senior citizens in Union County, New Jersey, would be examined, and cost-benefit[…]

Abstract This paper explores the career options in the field of finance and makes a recommendation on the better option between to careers that are the center of its focus. The finance field offers a variety of career opportunities to persons with finance education background. The opportunities vary depending on the person’s specialization and skills.[…]

My passion for an accounting degree started with the possibility that it opens up a lot of doors. Accounting graduates can work in various positions ranging from bank management to chief financial officer of a big corporation. I determined that I wanted to land in the middle of this list of titles. I was opting[…]

Introduction The Capital Investment Appraisal is the process whereby the specific sum of money known as capital is being budgeted towards short-term or long-term investment (Harris & El-Massri, 2011). This deals with planning for the right business and project that the organization can invest in in order to enhance the attainment of corporate goals. There[…]

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