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Published: 2021/11/05
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My passion for an accounting degree started with the possibility that it opens up a lot of doors. Accounting graduates can work in various positions ranging from bank management to chief financial officer of a big corporation. I determined that I wanted to land in the middle of this list of titles. I was opting for a job that would give me the stability to live the life I want. However, I would not want a job so essential to me that it prevents me from having a life outside of work. My long-term professional ambition is to work as the financial manager of a prominent financial advisory business. However, to reach this goal, I find it crucial to pursue a diploma in Certified Public Accounting (CPA). This was after careful considering regarding how the course could help enhance my career development. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to analyze my career activity and highlight the benefits that I would accrue from pursuing my career goals.

CPA is an abbreviation for Certified Public Accountants. It is a title granted to people who have passed the CPA test and have sufficient experience. The CPA test in the United States is one of the most prestigious in the globe. A CPA license allows you to work in public accounting. To acquire a CPA license, an applicant must complete 150 semester hours of coursework. Integrating an undergraduate accounting degree with a master’s degree in accounting is common to meet the 150-hour requirement. A CPA is a qualified professional in finance, accounting, and business (Grant, 2020). Being a Certified Public Accountant is a sign of great professional expertise. It denotes a high level of accountancy knowledge in terms of depth, breadth, and quality. Certified public accountant (CPA) is a unified corporate system that provides time and opportunities for accountants to improve their abilities and knowledge in accountancy by providing lectures, examinations, and certificates. The CPA department usually gives uniform tests to all of its registered members across the world, and the exams are typically given over a period of time. The benefits of the course to my career path will be examined in the following paragraphs.

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The CPA test necessitates extensive education, generally in the form of a merged bachelor’s and master’s degree program, as well as hard study and exam preparation. While these activities are required for certification, they also provide significant advantages on their own. Both novice and seasoned accountants may use the certification scheme to put their talents to the test, develop their skills, and broaden their knowledge of the field (Rixom et al., 2021). I have always had a thing for dedication to aim higher. The top is never enough for me. CPA can provide me with the right amount of challenge that I desire in terms of my career.

There is also a trend in which employers are in constant demand for CPAs. The growing demand for CPAs across the employment market is due to several causes, and the trend is expected to continue in the near future. Accountants who get their CPA earn 10% more on averages than their non-CPA colleagues and have greater possibilities to further their careers (Sachs, 2020). Many senior and managerial jobs in the business and governmental sectors need certification. When it comes to job seeking, being a CPA may be a great assist because it demonstrates professional devotion and can help me stand out from the crowd.

It is critical to feel safe in a corporate climate that is always evolving to adapt to new technology. While certain accounting procedures are becoming increasingly automated, the finance and accounting sectors still rely on individuals who can reason creatively and critically. The CPA degree necessitates a significant level of critical reasoning and practice, and people who hold it demonstrate to companies that they are worth maintaining (Rixom et al., 2021). Even during economic crises, the CPA is a valuable credential, and I may find job security in the industry at all stages of my career. Getting employed is not my only sole goal. In future, I will start a family, and job stability may prove crucial than a better-paying one.

Another benefit is that there are increased job opportunities. It is easy to dismiss accounting as a restricted and constrained career, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth for qualified accountants. CPAs work in a wide range of organizations, including non-profits, commercial corporations, and government agencies. Certification establishes competence in a variety of disciplines, including auditing, corporate planning, bookkeeping, and forensic accounting (Grant, 2020). Certification opens the door to a wide range of professional opportunities, and it is especially crucial for foreign work. The beauty of a CPA is that it opens the door for more possibilities and more diversity. As such, whereas I may not graduate and immediately get employed as a financial manager in significant cooperation as I aspire, I can start from anywhere whereas the pay in itself is good.

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Another significant benefit of CPA certification for accountants is a considerably larger degree of professional flexibility. Certified professionals might work as consultants or as founding members of a business on their own. Certification also provides a strong foundation and credential for emerging entrepreneurs because the skills and information necessary for certification are also highly beneficial for those interested in company leadership (Matzke, 2020). As such, I find it aligns with my interest in the managerial position.


CPA is an abbreviation for Certified Public Accountants which CPA is a unified corporate structure that gives accountants time and opportunity to enhance their talents and knowledge in accountancy through lectures, tests, and certifications. Both new and experienced accountants may use the certification program to put their abilities to the test, enhance their skills, and extend their knowledge of the subject. My interests in the study area are tied to my ultimate career objectives. For starters, it can challenge me in terms of career, and it is on-demand nonetheless. It is also offers increased job opportunities, diversity, job security, and diversity.


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