Telecom Network Security Course Project

Published: 2021/11/22
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Network design

When it comes to network designs, they are generally done by the network designers and the IT professionals, along with the engineers involved in the process. Prior the implementation of an infrastructure of network, the design needs to be put forward. When designing a network, it should be properly evaluated, and requires great understanding of the same. There lies a network diagram that acts as a blueprint for the design to be implemented. There are topological diagrams involved in the process and network realization, which helps to ensure that the network meets the requirements of the subscribers. It is according to the needs of the service that the network can be designed.

Best security measures

According to Sanchesa et al. (2019), among the best practices that has been around, when it comes to ensuring security to the network, network segmentation stands out among the rest. Network segmentation can be regarded as the process of dividing the network of computers into smaller components. When done so, it enables the devices to communicate amongst themselves. In order for it to be successful, it requires the traffic to pass through the router or the firewall. It is through the very passage, that the traffic gets inspected and the security policies are applied to it.

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Network segmentation is often considered to be a strategy that the organizations take to, in order to protect the data at their disposal against any possible data breaches, and other forms of cyber security threats. With the network being segmented, it allows the connectivity for the business purposes only. Hence, it becomes difficult for the attackers to get into the system. But, on many occasions, the organizations are witnessed to function on unsegmented networks. It is not just the aspect of security that is taken into consideration while implementing network segmentation, but it also plays a vital role to improve the performance. When there lies fewer hosts on the subnets, gradually the traffic on the network gets minimized.

When there lies a flat and an open network, the network may become vulnerable to the security risks. But, with segmentation, the access to the network is limited to a considerable amount, hence, reducing the access. With the network design, I look forward to follow the best practices associated with the same, in order to isolate the internal network from the attacks based on the web. Firewall security zones need to established for the purpose.

Logical and physical topology

It is far beyond the interconnections of the physical network, when it comes to building a network. Zhou et al. (2017) explained, it is the design and the planning involved in the process that matters the most. During the phases of the design, it becomes necessary to consider the different technical variables. Scaling is considered to be a good practice in network designing and its implementation. With a network design, it is a part of the network infrastructure that helps in the process of network communication from the resources to the end users.

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Hierarchical design model

With Cisco’s design of network, the various complexities can be broken down, as it breaks them into smaller and manageable segments. Fro every level, there are certain roles to be performed. The advantage of it is the fact that, it helps the architect to go with their choices of the hardware and software. There are three different layers that would be associated with the same:

  1. The core layer, that would help in the transportation between sites.
  2. The distribution layer, which would to provide connectivity based on the policies.
  3. The access later, that promises to provide access for the user, to the network.

The communication

Liang & Fu (2019) said, network redundancy is what would add stable communication across the network at all times. It is the process that is enables adding instances of network devices, along with communication lines, that helps to make the network available, and decreases the risks of failure. When a network is devoid of a backup system, with just a single failure, it tends to bring down the entire network. With the help of redundancy, the single point failures can be done with, and provide the users with better stability and uptime, when it comes to facing the events.


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