This presentation aims to analyse the four hiring criteria, namely Intelligence, Character, Coachability, and Experience.

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This presentation aims to analyse the four hiring criteria, namely Intelligence, Character, Coachability, and Experience. It analyses the degree to which I have these four skills and what I can do to improve these skills to make myself more employable.

Intelligence is the ability to learn and apply new knowledge and skills. It is the way a person uses the knowledge that he has to meet the requirements of his job. Intelligence can be assessed by examining the potential’s candidate’s qualifications in relation to the job applied for. It is also assessed by the marks achieved by a person in their academic qualifications.
Intelligence can also be assessed by my experience. [please state job experiences and how you have applied your skills in your job. Give real examples from your job experience]
I believe that I have the qualifications and experience of working as a Customer Success Account Manager in AppDynamics.
My academic qualifications are:
– MSc in Financial Management with distinction.
– BSc in European Economic Studies
– German Native language
– Turkish Native language
– English Business fluent
– French Business fluent
– IT Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) SPSS, Salesforce, Boats, Boldchat, Metatrader 4&5 Stata, E-Views, E&F Chaos, R-Project
Orbis, Amadeus, Dafne, Markus, Zephyr
I have worked as a
– sales consultant in Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing GmbH, Frankfurt am Main
–  Accounts Representative Sales & Support in Activtrades Plc (Online Broker), London
– Customer Care Officer in Air France / KLM, London
– Management Consultant in Indulgence Chocolate, London
– Financial Administrator in City Hall, Bamberg
I have over 2 years sales experience that involved developing customer relations and finding new sales leads. I am a highly motivated and professional individual and possess excellent communication  skills. I am confident and have a very focused approach towards achieving my goals. I have high ethics and work with integrity to achieve my set targets. I have experience of working in highly competitive sales environment. I have excellent organisational, analytical and problem solving skills. I possess the knowledge and experience of using data analysis and sales tools. I have experience of working independently and as part of a team. I have a university degree in financial management and am fluent in German and English.

Character is the mental and moral attributes that are specifically present in a person.
Character is evaluated by asking scenario based questions. In these questions, employers assess an individual’s personality, honesty, integrity, ethics, reliability, trustworthiness, commitment.
You need to give examples of how you acted with honesty, integrity, ethics, reliability, trustworthiness, commitment in your job role. For example, I honestly let my client know about the pros and cons of purchasing a product. I let the client know the different ways in which they could deal effectively use the product to meet their needs.
I am an honest person as I believe in accurately giving the information to the target audience. I am a highly driven, organised and customer driven person as is evident from my work experience. I am a quick learner and believe in life long learning. I am passionate about understanding and meeting customers needs. I can work very well on my own and as part of a team. What drives me is understanding the needs of my clients and providing them with a fast, efficient and reliable service.

Coachability is the willingness of a person to improve their existing skills to enhance their competitiveness and performance. Coachability is evaluated by employers by using psychometric tests. These tests can help employees in assessing the ability of a person to effectively use their skills to improve the performance of the organisation.
I possess coachability skills as I am strongly committed to improving my existing skills to enhance my competitiveness and on the job performance. In my present job, I discuss my development needs with my manager during my appraisal. I undertake the relevant development activities and apply them in the context of my job. I constantly monitor and review my performance to ensure that I am effectively using my skills to meet my goals and improve the organisations performance.

Experience is what an individual has actually done in their job roles, what the individual has learnt from doing these activities and how the learning can help the person in improving their future job performance. Experience is evaluated by employers by getting references from past employers.
As mentioned earlier, I have diverse experiences of working in sales and customer services. My experience has taught me that flexibility, actively listening to customers needs, being honest, working with integrity and going that extra mile to meet customers needs are crucially important in my profession. I am strongly committed to building my skills to develop myself on a personal, professional and intellectual level.

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