Essay Topics

Extended Essay Topics

Writing an extended essay can be an interesting experience. You’re allowed to explore a topic of your choice, in great depth. It is a great opportunity to explore a specific subject and to evaluate whether …

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Easy Essay Topics

The idea of being able to write an ‘easy’ essay may, at least based on first impressions, appear to be something of a contradiction. After all, surely an essay with a complicated title is much …

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Personal Essay Topics

Understanding how to choose a personal essay topic can be quite challenging due to the broad and unspecified nature it can often present. Depending on the area you are studying, there could be a range …

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Controversial Essay Topics

Controversial essay topics allow you to present a factual, clearly reasoned argument offering one perspective. It is an opportunity to express yourself on topics that are ambiguous and have equally compelling arguments on both ends. …

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Economics Essay Topics

Writing an essay is hard work. There is so much information to gather, condense, and critically analyse that it can be overwhelming for the best of us. Sometimes, you’re allowed to choose your topic and …

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Reflective Essay Topics

Reflection is a fundamental skill in the professional world, with many senior positions requiring individuals to be reflective. After all, reflection challenges us, opens our minds, and helps us to grow! As a student, you will …

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Physics Essay Topics

Choosing an appropriate essay topic is one of the most important but also toughest decisions that undergraduate students make while at university. Many students believe that a well-written and well-researched essay will positively contribute to …

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Psychology Essay Topics

The scientific study of the human mind and behaviour, psychology essays tend to explore the multifaceted nature of the discipline and the various perspectives and theoretical contributions within it. If you are looking for inspiration for …

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Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuading a reader to agree to your point of view can be a difficult undertaking. It becomes more stressful when your academic future relies on it. Before you start, always remember that these essays evaluate your …

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