Extended Essay Topics

Writing an extended essay can be an interesting experience. You’re allowed to explore a topic of your choice, in great depth. It is a great opportunity to explore a specific subject and to evaluate whether you want to study it further in university. Because the essay is fairly lengthy, your decision should strongly consider topics that are expansive. Avoid studying areas that are so recent that finding relevant and credible resources would be a problem. Extended essays are usually expected during the culmination of your secondary school or during the initial years of your undergraduate degree. As such, these topics have been selected to be applicable for both stages of education. Use these topics as is or modify them to your preferences!


Gender Studies Extended Essay Topics

Gender studies is growing in popularity at the level of undergraduate education. If you’re considering a future in this area, you might want to start with an extended essay on these topics to gain some experience in the field.

  • Understanding gender fluidity and sexual orientation in the current world.
  • Exploring the evolution of gender identity in European cultures in the 1800s.
  • The gendered aspect of food in societies and its definitive role in determining gender roles.
  • Gendering the inanimate world of technology. Does gender influence technological development?
  • The role of superheroes and supervillains in developing morality, social values, and gender equality.

Art, Literature, and Visual Arts Extended Essay Topics

If you’re looking to be more innovative in your topic selection, you can always turn to art, literature and cinema, etc. for inspiration. An extended essay on these topics would be entertaining and engaging, while exploring social nuances. It’s a lot harder to write on these topics than you might think!

  • The depiction of women as commodity in dystopian literature.
  • The appeal of dystopian literature in a pandemic riddled world.
  • The adaptability of art, theatre, and culture, to streaming platforms. Has covid changed how we engage with entertainment?
  • Questioning whether the political and social opinions of authors should influence their professional success? Is the art separate from the artist?
  • The interlinkages of spirituality and poetry in Ancient Roman Literature.
  • The adaptability and relevance of Seth’s ‘A Suitable Boy’ to the big screen. Are adaptations of novels by people of colour accurate portrayals of their culture?
  • The depiction of LGBTQ+ in classic literature.

Economics Extended Essay Topics

Economics will always be a popular field of study. So why not consider an extended essay that explores economic factors that are analytical and explorative?

  • The economic value and costs of vaccinating the world population.
  • Why does wealth tax continue to face resistance when an increasing percentage of a country’s population is struggling financially?
  • How did weak governance of the EU acerbate the Greek sovereign crisis?
  • What measures should the government employ so that the UK benefits from its departure from the EU?
  • How does the legalization of marijuana and other hallucinogenic affect the black market for such products?
  • The inapplicability of the Nordic Model in other European countries.
  • The challenges and opportunities of implementing the Nordic Model in African countries.
  • The global economic, industrial, and developmental impact of Covid-19 on tourism-based economies.

Social and Cultural Anthropology Extended Essay Topics

If you’re keen on understanding how society evolves, and functions, these topics are right up your alley. Delve into any of these with the assurance that there is plenty of credible research available and your essay will be unique and nuanced.

  • Comparing the rise of Trump’s popularity with that of Hitler. Does right-wing politics today solely reflect the tendencies of far-right politics of the past?
  • How has colonization affected the language and linguistic practices of African countries?
  • Understanding the cultural importance and similarities of traditional Chinese, Latin American, and Tibetan medicine systems.
  • The impact of one’s first language on their interpretation of personal identity.
  • The impact of race, economics, and politics on the expression of art in Africa.

World Studies Extended Essay Topics

These topics are of international significance and highlight the butterfly effect of any one phenomenon on the entire world. If you’re keen on exploring globally relevant themes, then we have suggestions that are sure to work!

  • The importance of renewable energy in becoming an energy secure economy.
  • The impact of global warming and climate change on regional conflict. Are climate change vulnerable countries more affected by geopolitical changes?
  • The impact of social media in driving global political activism.
  • The relevance of a carbon neutral world economy in the current globally interlinked economy.
  • The impact of religious terrorism on the employability of people of colour in European markets.



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