Essay Topics

Feminism Essay Topics

Due to its broad and expansive nature, many university degrees will include a discussion of topics related to feminism, including sociology,  history, politics, film and media studies, and many more. Feminism refers to the fight for …

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Business Essay Topics

When a student studies business management, they are expected to be able to provide multiple perspectives and evaluate two seemingly similar choices to select a clear winner. While these skills would be useful in all …

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Photography Essay Topics

Photography is one branch of the fine arts and since its conception it has evolved according to the necessity. Advances in the field have meant that photography has grown and become more popular, particularly with …

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Music Essay Topics

There are many forms of music in culture and society and some can be extremely diverse. The choice of the topic you want to write about should be based on your knowledge and it has …

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Graphic Design Essay Topics

Graphic design has grown into a popular discipline which attracts individuals who are innovative and creative. The field of graphic design has expanded to include typography and industrial design. The graphic designer must be able …

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Fashion Essay Topics

The fashion industry is a complex and dynamic environment which has played a major influence in culture and society. The world of women’s fashion has been particularly diverse and has made statements towards the hierarchies …

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Biology Essay Topics

Biology presents a natural science that is focused on living organisms and life in general. This branch of science studies the evolution and development of organisms, their physiological mechanisms, molecular interactions, chemical processes as well …

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Philosophy Essay Topics

The discipline of philosophy is very vast. There are several areas that can be explored by students willing to write an essay on a philosophy topic. Continental philosophy offers the possibility of engaging in speculative …

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History Essay Topics

History is an ocean with an enormous range of possibilities, and far wider than the rise of Hitler! In looking at history essays today, departments are interested in distinguishing between the different modes of historical …

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