Music Essay Topics

There are many forms of music in culture and society and some can be extremely diverse. The choice of the topic you want to write about should be based on your knowledge and it has to be interesting and engaging for not only you but also for the wider audience. Research in music has become extremely popular and you should define your essay by choosing a multifarious topic which while being relevant should also be a study which you can research exceptionally. While music is extremely diverse, trends change dramatically and for many music is not a lifelong ambition. It is important to understand the key considerations which music has had on society. Below are several subsections which feature key issues within music and its industry.


General Music Topics

For many people, music is an extremely relevant topic which can help to improve their mindset or wellbeing but to others, the pure tones within the music itself are the most relevant. Music has an important place within culture and society which brings with it a sense of appreciation. Not all music is the same and individuals have their own tastes, something which is significant to one individual may not hold the same meaning for another. For some music can be highly creative but it is a vast field with a great importance and is not just limited to certain aspects such as playing an instrument. Below are some suggestions for general music topics.

  • What effect has Covid-19 had on the music industry?
  • How does an artist from outside the US make the breakthrough to the US market?
  • How important is playing an instrument in the modern music industry?
  • Can music be used as a tool for learning?
  • Music in the digital era. How relevant is technology to the production of music?
  • Songs that have been banned. A study into the reasons and qualifications for a song being banned. Cite examples.
  • When is music not considered as freedom of expression? Cite examples.
  • Classical music versus pop music. Investigate according to the aesthetically pleasing auditory experience.
  • Who are the most influential musicians of the twentieth century?

Music in the Digital Age

There are many challenges which can be identified for music in the digital age, including music production, illegal downloading, and piracy as well as the rights of the artist/ band. Digital technology can impact greatly on the music industry, but it can also promote music on a global stage to the consumer. It has been important that the music industry has embraced the use of technology to enable various enhancements. Challenges which are faced within the music industry include copyright infringement and illegal downloading. Some topics can be found below:

  • What impact does digital recording technology have on the music industry?
  • Impact of new technology on sales in the music industry?
  • Examine the role of the songwriter in the music industry. How are copyright issues resolved in the music industry?
  • Technology and the development of music. Does technology play a significant role in the development of music genres?
  • Has technology influenced the role of piracy and illegal downloading?

Musical Genres

While certain genres of music are not to everyone’s taste, the type of music which is listened to can be relevant to the individual. It is important to understand that various styles and genres of music which include movie music, pop, heavy metal and classical to name a few. In the historical and social context, music has also been influenced by events which happened in society. This section will identify some topics below:

  • Evaluate the historical and cultural evolution of different music styles.
  • Which music eras have had in your opinion the best music content?
  • Is there still a market for techno?
  • What are the most profitable music genres?
  • Explore how rap music is considered to be a music genre.
  • Is Korean pop still a popular genre?
  • How has music changed in the twentieth century?
  • Is classical music still considered elitist?
  • Is heavy metal still considered a popular music genre?

Music at the Movies

Music has had an extremely prominent role in the movies. Many movies have released movie soundtracks, and this has become an important profitable genre for many movie organisations as well as artists. A lot of artists/ bands have rocketed to the top of the charts with the theme song of a movie. Below are some topics to consider:

  • A comparative study of the evolution of music in movies.
  • Evaluate the role of music in films.
  • How does music highlight the importance of a scene and create positive images in the mind of the viewer?
  • What make a popular music soundtrack?
  • How has the Bond theme evolved?
  • Can a theme song make or break an artist/ band?

Music Production and Distribution

As music has so much influence in society and culture, how it is integrated into the mainstream is important. This can be done through the promotion of music into the mainstream, but it is also necessary to examine this in conjunction with the production and distribution. Here are some examples:

  • What factors contribute to gaining a major record label?
  • What strategies can be used to market music to the general audience?
  • What role does technology play in the development, marketing and the creation of music people love today?
  • How has the distribution of music changed over the years?
  • Can technology be used to enhance a performer or a voice?
  • How does the music industry work?
  • Have the latest technological developments made it easier to product and distribute music?

Musical Influences

Music influences people in so many ways and presents certain feelings according to what they listen to. Understanding the influences is necessary for the artist/ band to promote their music successfully. Several topics can be found below:

  • Can an artist/ band rebrand themselves? Choose examples and critically evaluate.
  • Evaluate the role of women in music? How marketable is this segment?
  • Michael Jackson rebranded himself and his music. Discuss with relevant examples.
  • Examine the origins of black music and its influence on pop culture in the UK.
  • The influence of gender to stardom in music in contemporary society.
  • How can a top artist/ band remain relevant to their market?



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