Business Essay Topics

When a student studies business management, they are expected to be able to provide multiple perspectives and evaluate two seemingly similar choices to select a clear winner. While these skills would be useful in all professions, they are more crucial for students of business. Businesses are constantly evolving and students need to reflect their ability to evolve, adopt, and excel in a dynamic environment. Thus, essays in the field of business studies have a higher list of expectations to be fulfilled.

It is better to select a more open-ended topic because it allows you to present a comprehensive overview of the subject matter. It also allows you to engage your reader with a fresh perspective on repeated topics. Remember to research your chosen topic thoroughly before beginning the writing process. If you’re feeling pressured in selecting a topic that will reflect your skill sets optimally, here are some suggestions to get you started.


Theories of Business

If you’re keen to focus on general tenets of business to present a nuanced appreciation of the core foundations of business studies, the topics below are ideal because they focus on either discussing often confused and synonymously used business terms or focus on busting myths surrounding business management.

  • Why do businesses have distinct Accounting and Finance personnel when both processes involve the management of money? Discuss the distinction between the two.
  • Discuss the situations where an increase in the sales revenue of the business does not necessarily indicate an increase in the firm’s profitability. In what scenario can an increase in sales be detrimental to a company’s bottom-line?
  • Discuss the main marketing theories and evaluate which of them are relevant to the social media environment.
  • How do the 4Ps of marketing vary from the 4Cs of marketing?
  • How do the operations of a company producing goods vary from the operations of a company providing services? Create a model organizational structure for both, highlighting their differences.
  • How does intrapreneurship differ from entrepreneurship?
  • Do financial statements include identifying factors that can pre-emptively indicate a company’s decline in profitability?
  • How do business ethics vary from corporate social responsibility?
  • How does corporate social responsibility generate corporate value for shareholders?

Management & Strategy

The following topics offer you the opportunity to present your opinion and experience regarding business management strategies. It allows you to engage your tutor by discussing an important area of business in a comprehensive and detailed manner. These topics are designed to highlight your ability to do research, create a persuasive argument, and encourage decision making.

  • How can managers motivate employees to self-govern and improve accountability?
  • What are the most effective methods of resolving conflicts within an organization?
  • Critically evaluate the pros and cons of three management theories and recommend improvements so address their limitations.
  • Explain how a company’s capital structure can influence its daily operations and management decisions.
  • Sustaining the existing business strategy or pivoting? How can managers make the right decision?
  • How do management practices vary across industries? Select two essential industries of the country and evaluate the differences in their management objectives and approach.

Operations Management

These topics delve into the nuances of operations management and are ideally suited for when you wish to pursue this area of study as a specialization. The topics are designed to combine your knowledge of operations management with its impact on the firm’s long-term viability.

  • How can an ineffective Management Information System impact the process of problem identification in a company? Explain the phenomenon with a real-world example.
  • Provide a descriptive critical path for the production process of smartphones. How do companies manage to launch a new device every year?
  • How does PERT differ from CPM? Should a company invest in both for its profitability?
  • Explain how the supply chain process of supermarkets has been affected by the pandemic.
  • Were the shortages of food supply during pandemic lockdowns a result of poor supply chain management or inadequate food supply?


The field of marketing drives economies, public perceptions, social change, and the evolution of newer technologies. If there isn’t a market for it, why would a business offer it? Economies are driven by trade and trade is driven by marketing. When in doubt, marketing is a safe choice for students to write about. But just because the area of study is safe, doesn’t mean your topic will be uninspired.  Marketing is a dynamic, vibrant area of business and the topics presented are relevant, recent, and engaging. This is what a topic in marketing should aspire to be. And we’ve got you covered.

  • Why is it important for companies to periodically invest in market research?
  • Distinguish between omni-channel marketing and multichannel marketing.
  • Explain the role of demographic segmentation on the process of marketing communication.
  • What are the challenges in implementing a universal marketing campaign globally?
  • Explain how the politics of a country influences the marketing decisions of businesses.
  • What value does relationship marketing offer to companies whose products are targeted towards a specific demographic?
  • Can marketing strategies lead to organizational changes and evolution? Discuss.
  • How does Tik Tok affect the social media marketing environment?
  • Is online retail of groceries and household products the future of the supermarket? Are traditional stores exceedingly becoming irrelevant since the pandemic?
  • Critically compare the online marketing strategies of Asos, Amazon, and Tesco with each other and a direct competitor in the industry, and rank their success during the lockdowns of 2020.



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