Fashion Essay Topics

The fashion industry is a complex and dynamic environment which has played a major influence in culture and society. The world of women’s fashion has been particularly diverse and has made statements towards the hierarchies within communities in the reflection of the fashion trends. Fashion has been used through culture and society to declare power relations and make statements on personal relationships and hierarchical structures. Fashion has become an increasingly popular topic for essays due to its dynamic nature and the trends it sets. While it can be a challenge when identifying a topic for your essay, it is important that you choose a topic which is both engaging and interesting for you. You must be able to critically engage with the literature and to present an interesting paper. Below you will find some key questions which are appropriate to the fashion industry.


General Fashion Topics

Fashion has become an important factor in academic research as well as being an influencer in trends within society and culture. It is a dynamic industry which changes daily and is an extremely creative realm. While there is great debate over trends, it is important to understand the creativity and historical influences which have impacted on the fashion world. How fashion advances and creativity can be understood is important to the industry and is reflected in everyday modern life. Some examples can be seen below:

  • What is the role of women in fashion in the current era?
  • What influence does fashion have on everyday life?
  • Is fashion a tool for social equalisation?
  • What have been the effects of Covid-19 on the fashion industry?
  • What role does digital media play in the fashion industry?
  • Has fashion been representative of political and cultural ideals? Cite examples.
  • What has been the impact of magazines and fashion blogs on fashion trends in society?

Fashion and Culture

Fashion, culture, and society go hand in hand. Fashion continues to influence society, identifying features from society and culture which seem important on any particular day. Culture plays an integral role in the development of many areas of fashion, particularly when comparing fashion from different countries. This can be seen in the creative processes involved in the fashion world. Below are some examples:

  • What role does fashion play in reshaping western cultural values? Use in reference to any western country.
  • How have fashion trends evolved in eastern cultures?
  • What impact does ethnic clothing have on fashion trends in the UK?
  • What are the major influences on fashion?
  • Is there a relationship between fashion, culture, and identity?

Fashion Branding

It is important that fashion can be branded appropriately and can sometimes be extremely challenging to do so. It is necessary to understand that branding in fashion is not just about a brand sign, but it should consist of important ‘just right’ style statements which can be aligned with consumer expectations. The promotion of the brand can create customer loyalty and can use various mediums for promotion. In the identification of the brand, the customer is searching for themselves in their chose of brand. Listed below are some examples of fashion branding topics:

  • Examining fashion design in the UK, what does fashion branding hope to achieve?
  • Does fashion branding motivate the customer? Examine with reference to the UK market.
  • What are the challenges fashion branding faces for the eco-friendly consumer?
  • Can social media be used to brand fashion?
  • Is there a difference between fashion branding and emotional branding?


Consumers look to celebrities to identify the current trends in the fashion industry. Celebrity has been a major influence on the fashion industry, and it is important to understand the factors behind this. Iconography provides an insight into celebrity culture and how it can be understood. Celebrity culture has evolved to promote fashion trends. Example topics can be seen below:

  • Identify one key icon of the twentieth century and explain why they were so significant to fashion.
  • What are the factors which make a style icon?
  • How has fashion influenced the younger generation with respect to the movies and celebrity lives they observe?
  • How important was Alexander McQueen to the fashion industry?
  • How has fashion journalism impacted on the fashion industry?
  • How has celebrity culture impacted on the fashion industry, with a focus on female fashion consumption?
  • How much influence does celebrity endorsement have on the purchase intentions of the consumer?

Fashion, Health and Wellbeing

It is imperative to understand the impact that fashion can have on health and wellbeing due to the significant influence it has on culture and society. Fashion has an important influence on culture and society and many consumers want to be seen in the current trends. However, there is also the negative side to the influence which fashion can have on an individual and how they view themselves. The aesthetic image is an important part of fashion and has had a significant impact on the promotion and shaping of body image.

  • What effect does fashion have on how the media portrays body dysmorphia?
  • How has gender been represented in fashion in the last 50 years?
  • Analyse the negative effects fashion has on the attitudes and behaviour of people.
  • How do fashion choices affect the self-perception of the individual?

Fashion and Social Media

Social media has become an important influencer for the fashion world, through the marketing of brands to the influencers who promote the brands. Within culture and society, social media has become the go to place for fashion tips and trends. Below are some examples of fashion and social media topics.

  • Can social media provide a window into another world?
  • How important is social media to the branding and marketing of fashion?
  • Can social media provide positive influences for fashion trends and the individual?

History of Fashion

The history of fashion is necessary to understand the evolution of the industry and the significance of the individuals who have helped to shape it. From traditional to modern fashion, it is necessary to understand the role that fashion has had on society. The role of the evolution of fashion is a necessity for study in order to identify the key periods for fashion. Here are some examples:

  • Discuss the evolution of style with reference to the British Royal Family.
  • What are the major fashion trends of the 21st century?
  • Did Audrey Hepburn bring about a fashion revolution?
  • Discuss and evaluate two periods of fashion and identify the differences in the two periods.



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