Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuading a reader to agree to your point of view can be a difficult undertaking. It becomes more stressful when your academic future relies on it.

Before you start, always remember that these essays evaluate your ability to present a compelling argument. Irrespective of your personal beliefs, make sure that your essay does not leave any ambiguity for misinterpretation. A good persuasive essay makes a compelling argument that is rationally sound and follows a clear line of logical evaluation. We’ve developed some topics, across varying areas of studies, to help you get started with your assignment.



Essays on the various dynamics of business are always popular. Topics can include a wide range of subjects within the area. The topics below reflect the latest trends in the business space especially due to Covid-19 as it has resulted in businesses to change strategies and offer plenty opportunities to convince the reader of one side of the argument.

  • Do you think international patent law enforcement is inherently political? How do you think this should be addressed for multinationals?
  • Are the various international accounting standards simply opportunities for companies to report numbers that are favourable for them?
  • Given the increasing pressures that threaten the survival of businesses, should governments facilitate their survival?
  • Why are small businesses the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • Covid-19 pandemic allowed businesses to focus solely on developing their online sales. Should traditional brick and mortar stores be made a thing of the past?
  • Persuade the reader that a centrally controlled network is the only outcome that helps address cybersecurity issues arising due to the work from home trend.

CSR and Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral aspect of organisations functioning in today’s age. Previous research suggests that the concept of CSR and commercial conservation is relatively new and is gaining significant importance only recently. The issues of global warming and climate change are increasingly being discussed. This creates increased pressure from stakeholders forcing companies to report their CSR activities in order to assess the company’s impact on the social and natural environment around them.

  • Can CSR reports be considered truthful in their disclosures?
  • Why should companies with bad environmental and social reputation increasingly engage in CSR reporting?
  • Is the Indonesian palm oil industry drastically affecting the food industry and its standards of production?
  • Should CSR reports be audited like financial reports?
  • Investing in green stocks is more profitable than non-renewable energy stocks.


Psychology is an academic discipline which involves the scientific study of mental faculties, functions, and behaviours. Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behaviour. The topics below focus on finding connections between different areas of study in psychology.

  • Physical and mental health are interlinked and making one healthy leads to the health of the other.
  • Convince the reader that the compulsive use of social media cause social isolation and loneliness in teenagers.
  • Were the mental health implications for children quarantined because of Covid-19 pandemic far greater than the mental health implications for adults?
  • Will the legalisation of marijuana reduce its use amongst teenagers?
  • Should genetic testing be allowed on criminals?


Recent advancements of technology have helped in reaching unimaginable levels of production capacities, space technologies, and automations. The topics below include the latest trends in the area of technology from different walks of life.

  • Can computer technologies replace humans in a number of spheres?
  • Are the new technologies that help educational institutions to develop new methods of teaching and learning effective? Convince the reader that they are not.
  • Make a compelling argument that the new automated payment systems, that rely on facial recognition, etc. are safer than usual passwords.
  • Does Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Machine Learning add value to only big corporations?
  • With the advancements in space technology and recent plans of private companies to start commercial space flights, it is highly likely for regular citizens to travel to space in near future. Convince your reader of any one perspective.
  • Robot armies help countries with declining populations maintain strong border security. Make a compelling argument to support the statement.


With the advancements in technology and increasing focus on sustainability, architectures have been presented with new challenges recently to implement these new technologies in making their designs more sustainable. With the devastating aftermaths of several earthquakes in last 2 years, a focus on earthquake resistant infrastructure is ever growing.

  • Do architecture and urbanism have great potential in the presentation and control of epidemics?
  • The new techniques being used by architectures to design earthquake resistant infrastructure in Japan are superior to the construction techniques used in the rest of the world. What can the world learn from Japan?
  • Advancements in science and technology are transforming skyscrapers to be built more sustainably. Do you agree with this statement?
  • Convince the reader that developing sustainable buildings has a high initial cost, but these are recouped in the long term.
  • The future of green architecture is hindered by focus on short term profits by private developers. What is your opinion on this?


Economics is the social science that studies how people interact with value; in particular, the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Taking the implications of economic factors on the world, the study of the subject is increasingly popular as more and more people try to understand the basic functions behind the economy as it can impact lives of billions. The topics below take special consideration of Covid-19 pandemic on the subject.

  • The economic impact of the $1.9 trillion stimulus fund is not only limited to USA. Make a compelling argument in support of the statement.
  • Is the future of Hong Kong as a global financial centre uncertain amidst the recent political developments?
  • The unemployment rates in America grew much more than those in UK during the Covid-19 pandemic. The UK’s economy is much more robust in times of distress compared to America. How do you feel about this statement?
  • During the first year of the pandemic, billionaires around the world experienced exponential growth in their wealth. Simultaneously, an increasing number of people lost employment and relied on food banks for survival. What sentiments of policymakers do you think are reflected in this?



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