Economics Essay Topics

Writing an essay is hard work. There is so much information to gather, condense, and critically analyse that it can be overwhelming for the best of us. Sometimes, you’re allowed to choose your topic and you’re unsure of where to begin. Being allowed to choose your own topic, is a great freedom. The selected topic alone can signal many things to your tutor. If you’ve spent hours searching for topics then it’s very likely that they all seem similar, if not identical. Choose one of them and your tutor will be bored with your selection because they’ve likely read all iterations of every generic topic ever. But if you can just find a unique topic, then you’ll be able to keep your tutor interested and gain valuable points along the way.

We’ve compiled some options for you to get you inspired. All of these topics have immense data available for them, helping you make sure that your work is credible and approachable. Look no further for unique topics for your essays.

Happy writing!


General Economics

If you are fascinated by how various factors can affect the field of economics and don’t want your essay to discuss the obvious macro and micro-economic variables, then you’re sure to like some of the topics discussed here. All these topics are relevant and recent, indicating that your topic is well researched. The topics focus on an interesting aspect of economics that is rarely discussed, which will also show your tutor that you’re creative and adventurous. And yet, there is abundant data available for all the topics, to ensure that your essay practically writes itself.

  • Distinguish between the financial and economic impacts of Covid-19.
  • “Economic crises are failures of political ideologies.” Interpret this statement and discuss the relationship between a country’s political ideology and its economic growth and development.
  • Did countries with different political ideologies respond differently to the Covid-19 pandemic? Delve into real-world data to substantiate your answer.
  • Discuss how racism has affected the global economy. Evaluate the macroeconomic impact of systemic racism on different countries.
  • Bhutan employs a measure of ‘gross national happiness’ as an indicator of economic growth. Discuss the pros and cons of the indicator and identify the limitations in its application for other countries.
  • How does the trend of minimalism affect economic growth? Discuss whether the growing desire for a minimalist lifestyle can lead to economic stagnation or degrowth?
  • Discuss whether consistent economic growth be achieved in a circular economy.
  • Comprehensively evaluate the efficacy of the fiscal and monetary policies that were adopted by countries to survive the impact of Covid-19.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of the economic measures taken by the IMF to contain the global pandemic.

Environmental Economics

There is a growing cognizance of the importance of natural resources in economics. 2020 has opened the eyes of the world to the need for sustainable economic growth and development. Even though environmental economics has been studied for decades, it’s even more relevant now. Consider the topics below to get you started:

  • The UK Treasury has begun an important discussion on how biodiversity can be incorporated into the evaluation of economic growth. Discuss possible ideas for its inclusion in economic models.
  • Biodiversity and carbon footprints are two distinct factors affecting economies and should not be clubbed together in the government’s policymaking process. Discuss.
  • “Covid-19 is not just a health pandemic; it is a global economic recession.” Discuss this statement and explain how the economic fallout from the pandemic has mimicked the fallout of prior economic recessions.
  • “If you do not want to preserve the planet out of righteousness, you must preserve it for economic gains.” Justify or refute the statement by including the opinions of leading economists.
  • “Low-carbon, green growth is the future of the world.” Support or refute this statement using academic research.
  • Explain the short term as well as long term implications of natural calamities on the economic growth of the region using the natural calamities of 2020 as examples.
  • Is the Paris Agreement good for global economics? Why? Or why not?
  • Discuss whether an emphasis on environmental recycling is beneficial or detrimental for economic growth in the region. Justify your stance using economic data, academic research, and real-life examples.

Cryptocurrencies and Economies

Cryptocurrencies have become a disruptive force in economic markets in the last few years. There is so much ambiguity about how they can affect the world that an exploratory essay in cryptocurrencies will certainly make your tutor think and keep your essay on their mind long after they’ve forgotten others.

  • How can cryptocurrencies affect economic development in emerging economies of Africa?
  • “Cryptocurrency markets are similar to global commodity and financial markets.” Discuss using existing academic papers.
  • Critically evaluate the possible ways in which cryptocurrencies affect global economic markets.
  • Are cryptocurrencies the legal tender of the future? Justify your perspective using real-world data and economist estimates.
  • “Cryptocurrencies are not real money.” Discuss this statement by comparing cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies.

Covid-19 and Labour Economics

It is practically guaranteed that the pandemic, and its impact, will feature heavily in academic content for the following years. Students will easily consider how Covid-19 has affected global markets. Even if you do the same, you can choose to make it unique by exploring the impact of one feature of the pandemic on one macroeconomic variable. Not only will this give you a small area of research, making sure your essay is comprehensive, it will also add freshness to a topic that will be explored ad nauseam by others.

  • How will the recent emphasis on work from home affect the movement of labour in the global labour market?
  • Discuss how the current pandemic is likely to influence the gender gap in a labour market of your choice.
  • How will the growing popularity of work from home affect national wage rates? Substantiate your opinion with real-world data.
  • Discuss how the combination of Brexit and Covid-19 will affect the movement of labour in EU and UK markets.

Economics of Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is increasingly being studied in the field of finance. But it has been less explored for its economic implications. If you’re a student with equal interest in finance and economics, then a topic from the suggestions below is worth considering.

  • How does Islamic financing affect economic growth? Explain using real-life data.
  • Is Islamic financing more resilient to global economic slowdowns?
  • What is the economic implication of adopting the fundamental ideology of Islamic finance in conventional financial markets?
  • Compare the socio-economic impact of Islamic micro-financing and conventional micro-financing activities.



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