Reflective Essay Topics

Reflection is a fundamental skill in the professional world, with many senior positions requiring individuals to be reflective. After all, reflection challenges us, opens our minds, and helps us to grow!

As a student, you will probably be asked to reflect on a variety of topics during your degree programme. You might be asked to reflect on your study skills, for example, or perhaps to reflect on a contemporary debate that is relevant to your discipline. That said, here are some reflective essay topics arranged by topic area.



Sport remains a prominent fixture in many individuals’ lives even when it is not possible to access live events. While COVID-19 has led to disruptions to the playing, engagement, and viewing of sport, there has been opportunities to question its impact and the bigger questions regarding sporting involvement. The below topics provide insights into different areas of sport:

  • From a national perspective, how important is the Olympic Games in demonstrating national superiority in the USA?
  • Why has the introduction of Video Assistant Referee (VAR) received critism in football (soccer), but has long been successful in other sports?
  • Has COVID-19 acted as a major detriment toward live sports events, or has the lack of access led to an increased passion for live sporting events?
  • How important is winning in youth sports for volunteer coaches and is there a greater prioritisation towards winning over development?
  • Can the Affective-Reflective theory adequately explain motivation and physical inactivity in a modern-day population?
  • Do opening ceremonies at major sporting events actually matter?
  • Are the Black Lives Matter protests utilised by professional sport athletes making a difference, or are they a repeat of previous attempts that have been left in the past?
  • Are athletes paid too much for their role and how can the multi-million-pound price tags be justified?
  • Can the injuries sustained in MMA and other combat-based sports be justified against the bodily harm and long-term consequences associated with the sport?
  • Should more sports prioritise concussion prevent in athletes, or is the likelihood of long-term consequences minimal?


Those involved in education in some capacity will understand the importance of reflecting on some of the key issues which continue to dominate the literature. This can include reflecting on issues surrounding policy, schools, curriculum, and teaching. Below are some examples of topics relating to education that may be of interest:

  • Should teachers be held accountable for their students’ performance in examining subjects and should this include a reward/discipline system?
  • Is the current UK budget sufficient to improve educational attainment in disadvantaged students or should the government reconsider the allocation?
  • Is the school curriculum appropriately balanced to prepare students for future vocational careers compared to those which use more academic routes?
  • Should all individuals complete a university degree, and what impact would this have on the UK economy if this was a requirement?
  • Should SAT grades be used as a marker for academic ability in Y7 students or would it be more beneficial to conduct initial baseline assessments on entry to secondary school?
  • Is OFSTED beneficial to support improvements in failing secondary schools, or should there be a new method of assessment introduced?
  • Is cultural differences and diversity adequately explored in UK secondary schools, or is it similar to a tick box activity for many schools?
  • During election periods, do the government pay more attention to educational reform to improve their chances of election, and do they actually action their promises?
  • Is teaching a truly rewarding career, or is government cut-backs, pay freezes and abusive situations making the career more demanding and less attractive?
  • Would allowing students to have more freedom over the subjects they study be beneficial to their learning and future career paths or would this lead to a nation of reduced intellect?

Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care remains a prominent focus within the UK literature, which sees a growing number of students applying to study these courses at university level. Due to the wealth of opportunities available under the banner of ‘health and social care’, this presents a range of potential opportunities to reflect. Below are some ideas relating to health and social care that may interest you:

  • Do student paramedics receive adequate support in preparing them for the challenges associated with the reality of the role?
  • Should health care professionals be given more control over the care provided to patients if it can be justified?
  • Has the governments lack of funding impacted the NHS’s ability to maintain patient safety levels and improve health outcomes?
  • Was the NHS adequately prepared to deal with a global pandemic?
  • Would privatisation be the death of the NHS?
  • Are social care workers the forgotten gems of the health service?
  • Is the nations appriecation of healthcare workers short-lived or will they always be a much-loved profession amongst the British people?
  • Should health and social care workers who are victim of physical, emotional, or other forms of abuse while at work receive compensation?
  • Did anyone predict the onset of COVID-19?
  • What makes the NHS one of the best health care systems in the world? And what more can be done to improve the current positioning compared to other health systems across the globe?



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