Tom Worthy

About me:

I obtained a first class with honours for my English Literature and Film degree from Newcastle University. The degree included some work in media and cultural studies and education. I am currently undertaking research for a master’s degree in English Literature, focusing on contemporary fiction and film. I have taught in a secondary school for two years and tutored academic writing at Newcastle University. Since completing my BA degree, I have had several articles (on education, literature, film and cultural studies) published in peer-reviewed academic journals. I do peer reviews for the Journal of Research Initiatives and Inquire: The Journal of Comparative Literature and have presented my research at conferences and talks. I wrote a news column in a local paper for a year. Most recently, I joined ABMA education as an external examiner for their Journalism and Media undergraduate programmes. In the future I hope to return to teaching in secondary education while studying for a PhD and then move into Higher Education as an academic. I specialise in English literature, film, media, communication and cultural studies, as well as in education, but am also able to write in broader, related disciplines.


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An analysis of Conrad’s The Secret Agent in terms of how he deals with the subject of anarchism and modernist culture.

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