Romeo Thompson

About me:

I am an experienced management accountant and researcher specialising in business, strategy and the accounting arena. I graduated with an Honours degree in Accounting and Business Information Technology at a high-profile university in London. Currently, I am working towards completing the CIMA professional qualification also known as CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountants). I have been involved in management and technology consultancy for our SME clients to enable them to compete effectively in the marketplace. With a good foundation in management, business and strategy formulation, I intend to concentrate on developing a career in management and strategy consulting preferably working with some of the big names in the industry.

My subjects of specialisation are Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Business Strategy Evaluation and Formulation, Finance, Project Management, Change Management, Management Control Systems, Risk and Internal Controls, Performance Evaluation, HRM, and Operations Management


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The need of emergent Strategy in a Changing Environment
An internal and external analysis of BP Solar and Shell Renewables

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