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  Winifrede Gwytherin

Business, Communications, Crisis Management, Cultural Studies, HRM, I.T., International Development, International Studies, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Public Relations, Risk Management, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "Women managers; advantages and barriers to promotion"

I am a full-time Special Projects manager in a globally recognised university.   With a Master’s degree in International Management, I started my professional career working with international teams, being a liaison for innovative funds and creating higher education partnerships with government and private partners. My experience has been backed by local talent exposure which give me a global perspective. I assert that excellent corporate partnerships and innovative funds are drivers of the ...

  Benedict Rich

Computing, I.T., Information Systems, Mathematics

Sample Paper - "Evaluation of a Wireless Cellular Network of Voice Calls"

I have a B.Tech in Mathematics and Computer Science and an M.Sc in Network and Performance Engineering. I have worked as a Network Administrator and have also developed many Java applications for the analysis of open and closed queue networks. I have been approached to read for a Ph.D undertaking research in Network Security. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading journals relating to discoveries in IT. Performance Modelling and Evaluation of a Wireless Cellular Network of Voice Calls 1.0   Intro ...

  David Graham

Computing, Design, Engineering, I.T., Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Statistics

Sample Paper - "Empirical research of paranormal phenomena in terms of significant influencing variables"

I provide an articulate appraisal of extensive journal research that may be used as supplementary literature for coursework essays, reports, and dissertations. My objective is to ensure that projects express originality with the most contemporary cited references from reputable academic/industry sources. I have acquired access to professional societies from my work in psychology, real estate, academia, and technology consulting for leading brands such as Vodafone. My expertise in research method ...

  Andy Page

Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, Electronic-Engineering, Engineering, Engineering Business Management, Environmental Engineering, I.T., Information Systems, Intellectual Property Law, Management, Mechanical-Engineering, Operations Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Sciences, Sustainable Energy

Sample Paper - "Long Distance Wi-Fi using Rotating Antennas"

I am an admirer of Information Technology and work for a highly reputed educational institute. Computer Science is a fascinating discipline that has an impact on nearly every sphere of human endeavour and modern life. We interact with computers through mobile phones, cameras, cars, planes as well as devices used in banking, medicine, security, entertainment and many other aspects of life. I read for my undergraduate degree at a prestigious university before pursuing a PhD in computer science fro ...

  Arma Karim

Computer Engineering, Computing, I.T., Information Systems, Statistics

Sample Paper - "Assessment and feedback practices in higher education"

I have a PhD degree in computing and am self-employed, doing research into the subject of cyber security. I also work as a part-time teaching assistant and lab demonstrator at a highly reputed university. Here, I am involved in the teaching of computing and networking principles.  I am also currently writing papers for publication in well-known, academically recognised journals. I have vast experience in helping students to write computer programmes using different computing languages as well a ...

  Alex Wilson

Communications, Computing, I.T., Information Systems, Military

Sample Paper - "ETHICAL HACKING"

I am a full-time communications manager for a large organisation, managing a department of 26 staff. I am  responsible for the training and management of new personnel and my responsibilities also include teaching software-based receiver technology and communication theory including GSM and networking. I obtained my BSc (Hons) by distance learning and I am studying for an MA, also by distance learning. I spend my spare time (when not studying) teaching rock climbing and scuba diving to children ...

  Peter Ramirez

Computer Engineering, Computing, I.T., Information Systems

Sample Paper - "Techniques Used For Understanding Users"

I have more than seven years of experience in IT and three years in academia. I have a Master’s degree in Computer Security and am currently reading for a PhD in Computer Science. I have had articles published for international conferences and I understand the rigour required in writing an article, journal or thesis.  My specialty in is computer security, C#, network security, telemedicine and information systems. Techniques Used For Understanding Users Abstract Techniques used to gather info ...

  Jack Reeds

Electrical Engineering, Electronic-Engineering, I.T., Information Systems

Sample Paper - "A review of a Sybil attack in wireless sensor networks"

I have an MSc in telecommunications and networks and am a full-time researcher investigating multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication systems. Other than the traditional fast Fourier transform, I investigate OFDM systems using wavelet transforms. I teach computer modelling, transmission principles and engineering computations at the university and I am competent in using the MATLAB simulation tool to do system modelling. During my leis ...

  Tom Brooks

Business, Computer Engineering, Computing, E-Commerce, I.T., Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Media and Information Technology Law, Multimedia, Operations Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "Nintendo - Innovation Audit"

I am a research fellow of an institution’s subsidiary company with a BSc (Hons) in Information Systems and a business cross-disciplinary MSc in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham. I have a wealth of academic and working experience in five fields: Advanced Computing Science and Information Systems, Management of Information Technology and E-Commerce, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Besides my 12 publications, my BSc dissertation dealt with the de ...

  Becky Drake

Advertising, Business, Crisis Management, E-Commerce, Events Management, HRM, I.T., Information Systems, International Relations, International Studies, Leisure Management, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Social Policy, Tourism

Sample Paper - "Compare and contrast leadership styles"

I have a masters degree from a London Univerity in Management and Human Resources. I also have a first degree in Information Systems and Management. I have been involved actively in academia for over five years, and have a number of peer reviewed publications in top quality journals. I am a Human Resource manager in a large export firm in the UK. During my spare time I like to undertake specialist photography, and am proficient in digital photography. Before accepting my current position, I w ...

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