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Executive summary This assignment is prepared based on a previous assignment which includes the various concepts of managerial accounting, their roles, pros and cons, and other managerial functions, which also have their main role of predicting uncertainties which further adds value to the growth of the business. On the other side, there is a value[…]

Introduction Professional presence is the ability to project a sense of self-assurance in a group. A person’s professional image is among the most valuable personal resources that they possess, it helps them in interacting effectively with their workmates and clients. Understanding the professional presence will equip a person with skills and confidence to present themselves[…]

Introduction Financial records and analysis in business is necessary in a bid to assess how well an organization is doing within an industry. Poor financial records might be an indication of unprofessional accounting practices within a firm (Cooper, Everett and Neu, 2005). The essay examines issues and problems that have contributed towards the shaping of[…]

Introduction Accounting is the preparation and keeping of financial record in a firm. Keeping of records in accounting is important because it helps one to calculate loses and profits of a business as well as offering strategic orders in the firm. Accounting can be divided into different types such as financial accounting, management accounting, auditing[…]

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1- Introduction The study aims to investigate empirically the relationship between auditing fees as a dependent variable and five independent variables, namely: turnover, profit, total assets, number of employees and type of auditor. This study belongs to a stream of accounting research that investigates the determinants of auditing fees. The sample consisted of private companies[…]

Introduction Apple Plc is a confectionary company involved in the production of candy bars, chews and other sweets. The company currently uses traditional accounting techniques for its operations; however this has resulted in costing and pricing issues, which has created a level of friction between managers of the firm. This report analyses the operations of[…]

SWOT is the acronym for the internal strengths and weaknesses of a firm and the environmental opportunities and threats facing the firm. SWOT analysis is a technique that is easy to use for managers to get a quick overview of a business’s strategic position. (Cathy H.C. Hsu, 2001) Limitations: A SWOT analysis may overemphasise internal[…]

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