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  Rich Ivory

Accounting, Business, E-Commerce, Economics, Finance, Management, Project Management, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "Rent controls after World War II and beyond"

I am a full-time academic writer. I also have many years commercial experience in accounting, business and finance, in the public, private and charitable sectors. Having studied Business and Finance in my twenties, I returned to University in my early forties to study Accountancy. In addition to my BA(HONS) in Accountancy Studies (2:1), I am also an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Finalist with 13 of 14 exam passes. I have always loved to study and to gain new knowledge and ...

  Alexis Smith

Accounting, Business, Communications, Crisis Management, E-Commerce, Economics, Events Management, Fashion, Finance, Health & Safety Management, Hospitality, HRM, Leisure Management, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Risk Management, Statistics, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management, Tourism

Sample Paper - "Main issues for managers in the hospitality industry"

I am currently working for the Emirates Airline Company in Dubai as a Public Administration Agent. Before this I spent about 18 months in London. The main reason I moved to the UK was to study for my Masters in International Business and Marketing. During the same period I had the opportunity to work for the international hotel chain Hilton as Public Administration and HR officer. Due to the mentioned Masters and my previous Bachelor’s Degree in HR and Personnel Management my academic fields o ...

  Rob Dillinger

Accounting, Business, Communications, Crisis Management, E-Commerce, Economics, Events Management, Finance, Health & Safety Management, HRM, Information Systems, International Relations, International Studies, Leisure Management, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Public Relations, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Risk Management, Statistics, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Social Media Marketing & Customer Engagement"

I have an undergraduate degree (1st class) in Business Management and Marketing.  I am passionate about both subjects. In the future I plan to complete an MSc Management to further expand my business knowledge. Business studies, management, marketing & finance are my areas of expertise. For the past year I have worked as a freelancer helping people to better understand the topics I love. Social Media Marketing & Customer Engagement Literature review As competition within both the goods ...

  Shawn Morrison

Accounting, Business, Communications, E-Commerce, Economics, Finance, HRM, Management, Marketing, Risk Management, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "A financial appraisal of AMCOR Ltd and Silgan Holdings Inc."

I obtained a B.Sc. honours (first class) in Applied Accounting and am an ACCA affiliate. I have extensive experience in research and academic writing and have written several theses, dissertations, research proposals and papers for students across the world. I have also worked with an audit firm in the internal audit department which allowed me to gain hands-on practical experience related to my field. My flair for academic writing has allowed me to increase my knowledge extensively through new ...

  Jonathan Alberto

Accounting, Advertising, Business, Crisis Management, E-Commerce, Econometrics, Economics, Finance, International Development, International Studies, Leisure Management, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Mathematics, Operations Management, Product design, Project Management, Public Relations, Research Methods, Risk Management, Shipping & Trade Finance, Social Policy, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Primary External Factors Affecting Ryanair"

I am an MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management graduate with Distinction from a UK University. I have a background in the field of mathematics, finance and auditing and have a wealth of experience, having previously working with the banking. During my career, I built an impeccable reputation in banking, finance and auditing. My MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management has equipped me to do mathematics modelling in logistics and transportation management. Currently I am a logistics consult ...

  Natasha Barnes

Accounting, Business, E-Commerce, Economics, Finance, HRM, International Relations, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management, Quantitative Methods, Tourism

Sample Paper - "Agency theory: its importance and agency costs of outside debt"

I recently completed my master’s degree in Corporate Finance. I have over four years of experience in HR as well as administrative management. I have also worked as a freelance editor for a south-east Asian literary agency. I continue to offer my editing services and to critique books and submissions for three websites. I am fond of literature and have three diplomas from a reputed writers’ academy in New York. In my free time, I love curling up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. I am ...

  Adrian Green

Accounting, Econometrics, Economics, Finance

Sample Paper - "Transaction costs, financial econometrics & market forecasts."

I have two Masters degrees in Finance, one of them from a top-three Finance programme in the UK. I have published academic research in Finance and have a CFA designation. I can help you in three areas. Firstly, I am familiar with a very broad spectrum of academic finance including, inter alia, return anomalies, behavioural finance, portfolio theory, stylized facts of corporate finance transactions, and long term performance studies. Secondly, given that I worked as a buy-side and a sell-side eq ...

  Christian Wright

Accounting, Business, E-Commerce, Finance, HRM, International Studies, Management, Manufacturing, Marketing, Project Management, Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, Risk Management, Statistics, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management

Sample Paper - "Evaluation of the Revenue Recognition Policy with reference to the case between HP and Autonomy"

I am a graduate aiming to progress my career in the financial services industry in London. I have an undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing Management and a postgraduate degree in Global Financial Services. I also have work experience as a summer intern during three different intervals, tasked with handling the sales, marketing and business development activities of a chemical manufacturing company. My achievements in the company included successfully prospecting more than ten new B2B cu ...

  Eric Carter

Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing

Sample Paper - "The effectiveness of quantitative easing in response to the financial crisis"

I have completed my master’s degree in Finance from one of the top three universities in the discipline in the UK and am keen to secure a position in a leading financial institute in the near future. I have further enhanced my knowledge base pertaining to the subject by writing my CFA Level 1 exam and plan to write the second level in the coming year. I stay up to date with the financial market in order to keep myself well informed with the latest happenings; this benefits me from both a theor ...

  John Martin

Accounting, Business, Finance, Management, Marketing, Strategic Management

Sample Paper - "Risk assessment and management"

I am currently employed as the credit controller at a well-known company. I have an MBA degree in Finance (Global) from the University of London Metropolitan. As I also have a BSc in Accounting from Oxford Brookes University with ACCA, I have a solid foundation in accounting, economics, business and finance knowledge. Before I joined my company, I taught fundamental ACCA. I also have experience in freelance writing. Risk assessment and management Risk Management Introduction Risk management is a ...

Excellent communication and friendly service. I have been struggling with my dissertation and wish I had discovered you sooner. Your help and support really helped. Thank you so much, I would recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you so much for working so hard on my paper – I managed to achieve 1st standard!