David Baker

About me:

I am a PhD student in Computing Science and my research area is Computational Neuroscience. I also work as a teaching assistant in the Department of Economics, teaching the subjects of Financial Economics and Economic Forecasting during the Autumn and Spring semesters. I have successfully completed an M.Sc. in Computing for Financial Markets with a first class dissertation titled Implementation of Value at Risk and Option Strategies in Derivatives Markets. I used Java as the programming language and have tackled many Option strategies like Put and Call, Spread etc. and also different Value at Risk strategies. I have also completed a BSc in Mathematics with a 2.1 in Physics and Statistics. I have worked as a Web developer and content writer. I have experience with and confidence in using web languages like HTML, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript and professional writing for marketing a product. I have two years of work experience as a programme developer in Java and C. I like to read books and journals in my spare time.


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An evaluation of a computer programme to aid users in determining investors’ Value at Risk of their portfolios.

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