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Article 1 Introduction Technology in health is in diverse forms, hospitals use electronic communication and telecommunication systems during their operation to patients across several distances. The use of telecommunication technology has become very common currently in several countries, this requires the latest information and communication systems are used to provide health service. These technologies are[…]

The world has transformed into an information age; hence, data has become a critical resource used by companies in decision making. As a result, data protection from malicious threats and system hackers has become a primary consideration by all entities handling and using data in their routine operations. Company networks are distributed to different geographical[…]

CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Cloud Computing Cloud computing is a paradigm for providing on-demand for the network that is computable and also for the resources such as networks, servers, storage, applications, and services, which can quickly made available and launched with the minimized efforts of management or communication from service providers. The cloud environment is made up[…]

Introduction In October 2016, accounts up to a magnitude of 412.2 million were compromised relating to FriendFinder Network. The site that deals with casual hookups and adult content websites was threatened by the release of up to twenty years of information. The breach included the collection of information about the names of clients, email addresses,[…]

Cloud Computing Cloud computing is an innovative process that utilizes the Internet to transfer information among users, store data in virtual spaces, allow remote operationalization and sharing of computer devices, provide virtual services over the internet and facilitate business operations through programs and applications (Rittinghouse & Ransome, 2016). Cloud computing relies heavily on data transmission[…]

The 21st century has seen a lot of technological developments, including the development of machines that exhibit human intelligence. It is vital to note that the human mind is designed in such a manner that it can process information and make meaningful conclusions (Whitby, 1996). One of the challenges posed by the excessive use of AI[…]

Introduction Computer science (or ICT as it was known in its previous incarnation) is a subject which has been traditionally valued with great importance in the curriculum, although the massive technological advances which have been made in recent times, leading to the creation of a generation of individuals appropriately termed ‘digital natives’ (Prensky, 2001), whom[…]

1. Abstract Value at Risk (VaR) is the worst possible loss in an investment in a reasonable bound. VaR is widely used for educational purposes and mostly for industrial purposes. Almost every investor is concerned about the question of what is the maximum that can be lost in an investment. VaR tries to give an[…]

Abstract Signatures have been the most significant source of authorisation that has been used during the past few decades and it will remain the same for a very long time. The topic of signature verification was introduced to discourage the rise of signature forgeries in the present society. There are two types of signature verification,[…]

Introduction Human–computer interaction as a discipline has received increased interest over the last two decades. Research has focused on developing novel ways of interaction and the possibility of computer vision–based interfaces has been an active area of research. Such interfaces offer very natural, manageable methods for interacting with a system. Research in computer vision–based HCI[…]

Introduction The security of a company’s confidential information is one of great concern for businesses. Their information must be protected and secured. In the past there have been reports quoting issues of information and business secrets leakage within a company. Taking vital issues into consideration, an analysis of the possible threats to a company’s confidential[…]

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