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1. Abstract Value at Risk (VaR) is the worst possible loss in an investment in a reasonable bound. VaR is widely used for educational purposes and mostly for industrial purposes. Almost every investor is concerned about the question of what is the maximum that can be lost in an investment. VaR tries to give an[…]

Abstract Signatures have been the most significant source of authorisation that has been used during the past few decades and it will remain the same for a very long time. The topic of signature verification was introduced to discourage the rise of signature forgeries in the present society. There are two types of signature verification,[…]

Introduction Human–computer interaction as a discipline has received increased interest over the last two decades. Research has focused on developing novel ways of interaction and the possibility of computer vision–based interfaces has been an active area of research. Such interfaces offer very natural, manageable methods for interacting with a system. Research in computer vision–based HCI[…]

Introduction The security of a company’s confidential information is one of great concern for businesses. Their information must be protected and secured. In the past there have been reports quoting issues of information and business secrets leakage within a company. Taking vital issues into consideration, an analysis of the possible threats to a company’s confidential[…]

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